Technology: Is it Going Way Too Ahead Of Mankind?

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We commonly presume that technology is a good thing. After all, the term brings up the presence of extraordinary inventions, medical advances, and a much more smooth life. But do those inventions actually mirror the brunt that technology has had on our lives? The answer is a lot more complex than some may believe.

The whole idea of technology being a force for the better is based on a double premise. The first one is an almost-universally held assumption. People believe that the existence of tech has made our lives easier. Secondly, it is majorly seen that tech has raised the standard of living for all.

Frankly speaking, all that technology has provided has been taken for granted. Given, the current attitudes that we hold toward Silicon Valley and its tech inventions, at large, these are some of the proclamations that are definitely worth examining. Be it because we prefer to focus on the material utilization or the ever-increasing length of life, we hardly ever consider what it means to have a rewarding life. In so many ways, technological advancements have failed with regards to a satisfying life.

The Tech Hub: Silicon Valley

Inquiring about the benefits of technology is simply blasphemous in Silicon Valley, which is a region that is only defined by the relationship it shares with technology than any other place on Earth. Silicon Valley is the place where technology has essentially changed human experience. In less than 30 years, the Bay Area’s uniqueness has shifted from the one of variety, originality, and industrialism to one that is subjugated by a particular, plugged-in industry. Given the encircling nature of technology, reservations and questions are not encouraged, because they’re a must.

It is beyond doubt that the tech sector has enhanced many aspects of the human understanding. The information is so very accessible now, education is simply more unbiased, data is easier to get hold of and analyze, and the troubles of past generations have largely been relaxed by new developments. And in that same context, only a true critter could ever really deem that much of the last human advancement over the preceding 200,000 years has been downbeat. After all, without these advancements, we’d all still be hunting and gathering – or doing something even shoddier. But despite those cliché, it’s valuable to ask if when technology has gone too far.

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