Technology: What the Future Holds in Store for You


Technology has gone way too ahead. Everything we do today has some technical connection. Bearing that in mind, we bring to you some of the inventions that may probably be present in the future, with regards to technology.

Dream linking

It will soon be possible to see a monitor electrical activity from the human brain, and this can be done using pillows that will have conducting fibers in the fabric. This kind of technology will not only show when someone is dreaming, but it will also display the recent developments, which will indicate that we’ll also be able to tell what the person will be dreaming about.

It will also be possible (with prior agreement of course; and when both of them would be in a dream state at the same time) for two people, who are spanned across the globe, to share their dreams. One may also try to steer one of the friend’s dreams in the same direction. This can be made possible so that they could effectively share a dream, and may even be able to interact with it.

Shared perception

So many people ought to believe that they will one day have full links between their brains and an external computer. We will then be capable of directly accessing more information from outside the brain. This will make us so much smarter. And we will have thought access to most of the human knowledge.

Such kind of a link will also allow us to share ideas directly with other people. This link, in turn, will effectively share people’s consciousness, memories, and experiences, among other things with each other. Such a technology will create a whole new level of intimacy. And it will also allow you to explore other people’s creativity directly.

This could certainly be one of the most pleasurable bits of the future as long as we take appropriate safety measures.

Active contact lenses

These nifty natty gadgets will simply sit in your eyes balls just like normal contact lenses. What will distinguish these from the regular ones is that they will have three tiny lasers. And, these hi-tech lenses will also have a micro mirror to beam pictures directly onto the retina, which will automatically create images in as much high resolution as your eyes can see.

Such a technology could make all other forms of display surplus. You won’t have any need of wearing a wristwatch. Even without having a mobile phone, tablet or TV, you would still be able to see them visually.

These contact lenses will be able to deliver a full 3D view, and they will totally be able to render a perfect resolution experience. They will even let you watch movies or read your messages without opening your eyes. Can you believe that!

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