Hottest 100 Startups - 2014

Street Smart Mobile Technologies

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Founder: Prabhu SNMIdea – Street Smart Mobile Technologies Pvt. Ltd is almost 1 year old Chennai based Mobile Technology start-up, bootstrapped with a team size of 8, currently operating from Bangalore which focuses on a Personalized Shopping Companion Mobile App for shopaholics who benefit from personalized micro & location-based push notifications and actions when they walk on Streets, Areas, Malls Retail Stores using Beacons as well as Wi-Fi sniffing Technology (Applying for IP) being  Spam free and one-to-one communication channel between Retailers/Brands & End Consumers.Industry vertical Retail Is this the next Great Idea A rather unique idea to help the retail industry, but will need to gain trust of end-users who have possibly been subjected to spams in the past, when subscribed to similar services. If the startup can avoid such pitfalls, they might have something good on their hands.Bootstrapped? – NoCapital Invested N/A

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