Targus Car Power Inverter APV018AP Review

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What is it?

A car power inverter which has been designed to fit into conventional cup holders, basically converts the car cigarette lighter plug into a home-like AC wall socket.

How does it look out of the box?

Looks nice as compared to conventional car inverters which have to be placed in the footwell because of their squarish dimensions. This new design is quite innovative and as mentioned above, it fits into any standard cup holder and can charge two devices at the same time.

How does it perform?

You can charge two devices at the same time-one by the standard wall socket type port which has a power output rating 220VC, with 200W of continuous power and 400W of peak power and the other using a 5V, 2.1A USB port. The AC plug can charge any normal gadget like a laptop, camera on the go at normal home-like speed and the USB slot is great for charging mobile phones at an accelerated 2.1A speed.

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We tested the inverter extensively during our road trip to Goa and it performed even after constantly being used for over 4 hours in a stretch. It does not heat up that easily and also has a fuse which will ensure that if you plug in a faulty adapter or a wire, it will protect your car’s electricals from a short circuit scenario, thanks to the over-current and surge protection. One annoying bit about the inverter is the ‘Buzz’ sound that it produces because of the fan inside. It can get a bit nerving at times especially when you have your windows rolled up and the music system on mute. The base of the inverter is not exactly flat which ensures that optimum air is sucked inside by the fan to keep its internals cool.

Using the car inverter while the car’s ignition is switched off can drain a car’s battery and leave you stranded. You should only use heavy-duty products when the car’s ignition is turned on.

Should I buy one?

At Rs.2390, the Targus APV018AP offers decent value for money and is a great buy for people who are always on the move. Soon enough, with the adamant of connected cars, we will have cars integrated with a standard AC power socket, until then, the Targus APV018AP solves the problem quite conveniently!


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