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An innovative solution that shortens distance between brands and consumers.

Tango Media, a subsidiary of Mogae Media has drawn a lot of attention with their new innovative idea of drawing customers closer to brands. This is just the beginning and it goes to show the tremendous growth in technology. There is no stopping when it comes to ideas and new inventions. Sky isn’t the limit, maybe its beyond that. What are the limitations? We wouldn’t see any limitations with reference to inventions and ideas are just going to blow your mind in the coming years. One such idea was introduced by Tango media to save   consumers the trouble of going to Google to browse, calling Just Dial and so on just to find a brand number, Tango Media decided to launch a Mobile solution Starstar which is more like a speed dial. Through this solution, the numbers are already stored so no need of searching or saving  numbers you need of brands.Tango Media, a wholly owned subsidiary of Mogae Media,has launched an innovative and revolutionary technology solution that enables brands to connect better and quicker with different kind of audiences on the mobile.The‘StarStar’ (**), a patented technology, enables customers to merely dial a name rather than dial a number. For example, when you dial **BREAKFAST (**273253278) you reach Kellogg’s. When you dial **BANK (**2265), you reach YES BANK. “The biggest problem with brand advertising has always been customer amnesia. Even after a brand spends crores advertising their connect number, in the moment of reckoning, when the customer actually wants to buy the product, the customer does not remember the number to call! We are merely solving that problem of forgetfulness,” says Sandeep Goyal, Chairman Mogae Media.StarStar is mobile innovation designed to enhance the Call-To-Action (CTA) of a brand. This path breaking technology basically takes away the burden of remembering short codes, toll free numbers, web URLs, QR codes or missed call numbers of any brand. Now all a user has to do is dial the name of the brand or the generic category to connect to that choice brand.StarStar works across all major mobile operators, on all features and smartphones and requires no Internet connection or data connectivity and breaks the ice between brands and consumers at one of the most important modern day touch points –the mobile. For brands, it is a golden opportunity to develop a better connection and understanding with their consumers. Whereas 80-90 per cent of the response to all advertising was that, it got lost in the complexity of response mechanisms and of course customers forgetfulness and memory lapse.Adds Sandeep Goyal, “StarStar is like owning your ‘mobile domain’ much like you own a ‘web domain’. Star TV has for example taken **STAR (**7827) and Urban Clap, the young market place start-up, has booked **URBANCLAP (**872262527). Similarly, Discovery has invested behind **TV (**88). One day soon, StarStar (**) will become to the mobile what hashtag (#) has today become to the world of social media.StarStar (**) is live in beta test mode. The product is expected to go commercial live later this month.Mogae Media has been on the forefront of innovative mobile solutions since 2006 and continues to evolve and engage users and consumers through technology.Sandeep Goyal, the man behind StarStar (**) is a former President of Rediffusion DY&R, and the ex-Group CEO of Zee Telefilms. In 2003, Sandeep partnered Dentsu of Japan, the world’s largest advertising agency, for a joint venture for India and the Middle East. Sandeep Goyal exited the Dentsu JV in 2011. He has been at the forefront of evangelizing mobile as a medium since he set up Mogae Digital in 2006, in partnership with Maxis of Malaysia. Mogae Media was launched in 2012.Star Star innovative idea is captivating. All we got to see is how well it will be welcomed with the innovate solution in the Indian market, as we can see a revolution  of  modernization. We’ll keep you updated on if there are anymore news or when the Star star will launch. Please leave your comments below about the Starstar and what do you feel will it be like the hashtag mobile of tomorrow?

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