How To Take Photos Even When Your Phone Storage Is Full

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Have you ever been on a holiday or just on a weekend getaway and the moment you feel is a picture perfect moment, you find out that your phone storage is full. Well, honestly we’ve all been there! Your phone sends you a notification stating ‘Storage Almost Full’ and unfortunately, the problem doesn’t get fixed magically. However, you still try to click pictures judiciously till the moment your phone says it literally can’t take ‘one more picture’. It’s pretty obvious that in the middle of your vacation, you just can’t start deleting old pictures. This means that you just don’t take any picture and just rely on your friends and ask them for their phone.

I can feel your pain, my friend! This is plain wrong, isn’t it?

Today, I am going to solve this problem and explain how to take photos even when your phone is out of storage!

Thank me later!

Let’s discuss the main problem here. We basically don’t want to pay more for storage every time and also feel lazy to delete our precious memories. So, here’s the hack: All you have to do is click pictures on any of the apps you have and then save them to your Smartphone. If you ask me, my personal favorite app in a tricky situation like this is ‘Snapchat’. However, I may be in the minority, but I really like to click a lot of pictures and keep them as memories. Trust me, if you follow this method, it can make you more efficient even when your storage is not full. Here’ how to do it.

Take a snap on the Snapchat, you’ll see a little arrow on the bracket icon on the bottom hand corner of the main screen. Save the snap! When you click on that button, whatever you’ve snapped will automatically and instantly be saved on your Smartphone library. This doesn’t only just work for photos but also for videos. Snapchat has been my undercover camera for quite some time now. Be it vacations, concerts, or any big sporting event, it has literally saved me. This trick will save you too and is undoubtedly worth trying.

By now, I guess you got the gist of what you’ve to do. Just start using all your go to social media apps for taking pictures whenever your camera tries to put you down. Even, Facebook has an in-app camera which enables you to save pictures on your phone. Furthermore, there’s another quick fix, known as ‘Slack’. Just click a picture within the app itself and then send it in a slack. This can be done by even sending a message to yourself. When you receive it in the message and the image loads, you have to hold it till a menu pops up. After that, save the image and search it in your image library.

So, my super smart tech geeks, I hope you can now explore other social apps like this and take a picture in a pickle. But, in the first place make sure, to allow all the apps have an access to your camera and microphone so that you can take a photo or a video according to your convenience.

That’s how I roll and you should too!

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