Syska LED India Launched Sonic LED Bulb

Syska LED introduced another extension to its Smart Light Series with ‘Sonic LED Bulb’, a mixture of Sound and Light. With the inclusion of colors and music, Sonic LED Bulb combines two conventional technologies to build one convenient gadget.A Hybrid mixture of power saving LED light bulb and Bluetooth speaker, it brings the essence of light with the taste of music. Sonic LED Bulb can illuminates 3 million colors for every taste and mood.This Sonic LED Bulb uses 5W power to deliver Comfortable, non-flickering white light equivalent up to 400 lumens with no harsh glares or eye-fatigue. This Bulb comes with a lifespan of 25000 hours and efficient performance, that helps you to save up to 70% on your energy bill.To get started with the Sonic LED Bulb, Syska designed the Mobile Application available on Google Play Store. With the given QR code on the packaging or searching SYSKA SONIC LED on Google PlayStore, you can easily download the app. With this App, you can easily control music bulb. The Syska LED light control application establishes a seamless Bluetooth connectivity with the Sonic bulb, giving you complete control over the gadget. It can Change Color, songs and adjust brightness and more without moving a muscle.The Sonic LED Bulb is priced at INR 2,999 and it’s already available in leading retail and e-tail stores across India. 

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