Exhibit 100 Hottest Startups 2016



Key persons – Manuraj jain, Alok Nandan, Saurabh Agarwal, Ramanna Sathyanaraya
Based in – New Delhi
Inception year – 2016
Category – Startup of the Year
Industry Vertical – App

Concept – The Money Club can fundamentally change the way we save, borrow and lend money today. We are building a mobile app where users can come together and form a group within their trusted community to save, borrow and lend amongst themselves. Each member of the group will pool in money to a common pools and then all of them will bid an interest cost for the pooled amount monthly. The person who needs the money the most will take it and the interest deposited will be split amongst the members. This process is carried out till all members get a chance to pick the pooled amount. Our vision is to democratise community banking.

Funding received – Self-funded
Official website – www.themoneyclub.in

Bikers Club


Key persons – Rahul Mehta
Based in – Mumbai
Inception year – 2014
Category – Most Out-of-the-box Startup of the YearI
ndustry Vertical – Social networking

Concept – Bikers Club, as the name suggests, is the online club for the bike enthusiasts. We are coming up with the android mobile app in the name of Bikers Club. People nowadays prefer taking and preparing for long motorbiking tours like Laddakh, Goa, North east etc. Bikers Club is the social networking site wherein they can connect to other bikers, make group, chat with them, create milestones, share photos and status, also we are providing the list of hotels, hospitals, service centers in whichever routs they are travelling. This app will be free for everyone no matter whichever bike a person is riding. Also there is a SOS facility and top of all this app will be a real time app through satellite.

Funding received – Self-funding
Official website – www.arthouseproductions.in



Key persons – Kiran Kalakuntala & Dinesh Koka
Based in – Hyderabad
Inception year – 2014
Category – Startup of the Year
Industry Vertical – Healthcare

Concept – eKincare is a healthcare startup that enables users to monitor their critical medical information and view it anywhere, anytime. eKincare gathers medical results from various healthcare providers, updates profiles, and provides a single repository for users to store all their medical records. It then identifies potential health risks from the data and informs and motivates them to take necessary steps towards improving their health.

Funding received – $600000
Official website – www.ekincare.com

Tropis Food Pvt Ltd


Key persons – Aditya Awasthee
Based in – Mumbai
Inception year – 2015
Category – The Dropout Startup of the year
Industry Vertical – Consumer goods

Concept – Tropis Food Pvt. Ltd. is an early stage, Bombay based consumer internet company, bunch of passionate folks to innovate and solve a real-time problem of regional Specialty foods (majorly legendary brands in Namkeen , confectionery and Indian sweets category) with an asset-lite model approach. As a team they have strong belief of omni-channel and are determined to fulfil the crave and nostalgia of millions high-mobile corporate working population in India and abroad, including students community.

Funding received – None
Official website – www.FoodTropis.com

Pom Pom Recycling Private Ltd.


Key persons – Deepak Sethi & Kishor K Thakur
Based in – Delhi
Inception year – 2015
Category – Most Eco-friendly startup
Industry Vertical – Social cause

Concept – Pom Pom is an environmentally conscious company that provides a Door Step Recyclable Pick up Service and pays its customers for the same. We believe that if people are aware of what can be recycled and segregate their recyclables, there could be a huge reduction in amount of waste going to landfills.

Funding received – None
Official website – www.pompom.in

Quintillion Media Pvt Ltd


Key persons – Ritu Kapur
Based in – New Delhi
Inception year – 2014
Category – Woman Founder of the year
Industry Vertical – News portal

Concept – The Quint is content for mobile discovery and sharing – quickly, visually, socially. The Quint is popular, digital portal – a smooth blend of video, audio and text for an immersive experience. The Quint offers a modern, sharp take on the world, and guides people through topics ranging from politics, policy and entertainment, to sports, business, food and everything else that matters. A compelling combo of content, tech and distribution, The Quint is developing high-value digital journalism, storytelling, and advertising at scale.

Funding received – None
Official website – www.thequint.com



Key persons – Meenakshi Gupta Jain
Based in – Mumbai
Inception year – 2014
Category – Best Solo Startup of the year
Industry Vertical – Social cause

Concept – With rise in the number of nuclear middle class families and working women across the country, the need for helpers, especially women, belonging to the semi-skilled or unskilled categories is rising continuously. With boom in economy, their requirement is also increasing in offices. The employers are largely dependent upon agencies in reaching out to these employees. On the other hand the working population of semi-skilled and unskilled workers looking for jobs as housemaids, cooks, drivers, caretakers, babysitters, housekeeping staff, office boys, courier boys etc face two major challenges in finding a job – lack of networking for job information and exploitation at the hands of agencies. Helper4U.in uses the increasing penetration of mobiles and internet to connect the two sides without the need of any middleman.

Official website – www.Helper4U.in

MagicStick – Electron Digitals


Key persons – Ambuj kumar
Based in – Bengaluru
Inception year – 2015
Category – The Shell Crack Startup of the year
Industry Vertical – Software

Concept – MagicStick is the most powerful PC on a stick that turns your TV into a real computer. Simply plug it to a TV or projector, add a keyboard and mouse or use the free control app for mobile and tablet and you are ready to go!  MagicStick is the first PC stick with up to 8GB RAM and Intel’s almighty 14 nm Cherry trail quad core processor with 12/16 core GPU, HDMI 2.0, USB 3.1, 256 GB solid storage. It comes with Windows 10 and Android Lollipop Pre-loaded and also supports all variants of Linux. You will be able to access and browse the internet from your tv, 4K films streaming & watching, Shop on-line or play your favorite 3D video game.

Funding received – $548,415USD
Official website – www.magicstick.net

 Just Orbit


Key persons – Raj Narang
Based in – Delhi NCR
Inception year – 2012
Category – Best Solo Startup of the year
Industry Vertical – Travel

Concept – JustOrbit.com is a unique online travel planning platform where customized trips can be created, shared with co-travelers, discussed, finalized and booked under one roof. An complete end-to-end travel planning solution.

Funding received – None
Official website – www.justorbit.com

 Yostartups Pvt Ltd.


Key persons – Mitika Sethi Srivastava, Abhishek Singh, Jappreet Sethi
Based in – Dublin/Gurgaon
Inception year – 2015
Category – Rags to riches startup
Industry Vertical – Portal

Concept – Yostartups wants to connect work opportunities to opportunity seekers without any barriers. The new Alibaba, Uber, Facebook or Airbnb can very well come from a team that will be dispersed across the world and have different nationalities coming together to build a common and prosperous future. They have been selected for the Alpha program( Most promising early stage  startups) in Surge- Bangalore, Rise – Hong Kong, Collision – New Orleans, USA and Web Summit  – Lisbon.

Funding received – 38K €
Official website – yostartups.com

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