13. BIRYANI360-Logo-4KKey persons – Shayan ItaliaBased in – MumbaiInception year – 2015Category – Best Solo Startup of the YearIndustry Vertical – Retail

Concept – Biryani360 is everything that this new generation wants – health conscious yet not ready to compromise with the taste. Light, healthy, flavorful and extremely addictive! They claim to use international grade saffron, fresh ingredients and no use of garam masala and preservatives. They use BlueFlame technology; a masterful and precise art of cooking at a very high temperature for a very short amount of time. This retains the nutrients of the ingredients giving them more “bite”.

Funding received – NoneOfficial website –


Key persons – Tejas Shah, Paarth Dhar, Deepak Sachdeva, Prateek DesaiBased in – BengaluruInception year – 2015Category – The Social Messiah Startup of the YearIndustry Vertical – Social serviceConcept – Quuno is organising domestic workers to offer standard housekeeping service to hotels and households. We believe that proper housekeeping should come to households in an affordable price and that workers should improve their livelihood by being professional.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –


classmintKey persons – Rajan ChandiBased in – BengaluruInception year – 2013Category – Most Eco-friendly startupIndustry Vertical – EducationConcept – Classmint is engaged in building educational tools that help to learn for the long-term. It’s a single product company and all tools are part of product. Classmint is an interactive study notes tool that lets anyone create annotable, audible notes that can be folded like a paper. It also maintains automated revision list to aid in revision. Students as well as teachers can keep their notes private or publish them.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –


droom_logoKey persons – Sandeep Agarwal, Rishab MalikInception year – 2014Category – Rags to RichesIndustry Vertical – Transport retailConcept – Droom is a completely innovative platform with disruptive approach to how automobiles should be bought and sold online. Droom is a fully transactional online platform allowing transparent transactions between buyers and sellers. It is basically an organized online marketplace where multiple sellers can list and sell their products to millions of online buyers. From bicycles to planes to various luxury services, Droom provides 13 broad categories offering online buyers with huge selection, low prices, trusted transaction and best in class service.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –

My Bridal Drama

Key persons – Sonal KhatriBased in – MumbaiInception year – 2015Category – Woman Founder of the yearIndustry Vertical – Fashion and LifestyleConcept – Mybridaldrama (MBD) is India’s first woman grooming website catering to all Fashion & Lifestyle needs with special focus on brides. They believe every woman is beautiful and unique in her own way, still most woman face identity crisis due to low self-esteem and low self-confidence at various points in their lives. Their aim is to transform women to bring out the best in them with various offering like Shape Stylist – Help them discover their body shape and recommend a unique style for them alongwith assisted online shopping, MBD Box – Focus is on providing Stylish Clothes, Accessories & Styling Advice all in one box, MBD Zine – an exclusive monthly e-magazine for every woman for all her Fashion & Lifestyle needs and also Image Enhancement services. MBD motto – Why just feel special on D-day when you can feel special everyday.Funding received – NoneOfficial website – www.mybridaldrama,com

Living Local (Urbane Media Enterprise Pvt. Ltd.)

logo-homeKey persons – Anubhav Anand and Neeraj VasudevaBased in – MumbaiInception year – 2015Category – Most Out-of-the-box Startup of the YearIndustry Vertical – Social networking and LifestyleConcept – Living Local ( a hyper-local social networking platform that gives users a one-of-its-kind online identity and connect based on their area of residence. “I am Living Local, are you?” is Mumbai’s latest mantra. Driven by the people and for the people of their Hood, Living Local platform is the answer to all the local area queries, sharing of ideas, recommendations and discovering a neighbor-‘hood’ with a new outlook.Funding received – 200,000 USDOfficial website –


pickcellogo1Key persons – Abhijit ChaudharyBased in – BengaluruInception year – 2015Category – The Under Dog of the YearIndustry Vertical – SoftwareConcept – Pickcel helps Businesses to accelerate sales within the neighborhood in an easy and affordable way. Pickcel Solution works on any kind of Digital screen – TAB, TV, LED or mobile. Partners earns through Ad-Share Revenue when an advertisement plays on the screens owned by him and he can also publish customized messaging into the Digital Screen. Advertisers login to, select screens for particular locality, creates an Ad campaign, does payment and instantly launches the Ad campaign on chosen screens. Advertisers includes local businesses or Bigger Brands wanting to target a locality.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –


logoKey persons – Thomas Raja and Anil Kumar VKBased in – BengaluruInception year – 2015Category – Rags to Riches StartupIndustry Vertical – AppConcept – Bric is a cloud based mobile app that enables users to digitize and exchange business cards from mobile and keeps them connected as they change jobs, roles or coordinates. Bric also facilitates users to share their social media profiles along with the business card when they exchange cards. Bric also has an enterprise version that doubles up as a contact management tool on mobile, whereby it automatically exports business cards captured by sales team to the CRM solution of the organisation instantly.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –


edu_logo3Key persons – SripadBased in – BengaluruInception year – 2013Category – Rags to Riches StartupIndustry Vertical – EducationConcept – Edumongoose train students to build up their career with product based companies and help students to get trained in latest digital marketing trends and concepts. Unlike traditional training companies which focus on training for service based IT companies, EduMongoose focuses on training students on cutting edge technologies which are being used in the hottest product companies today. There is a huge requirement of trained and experienced product oriented guys in Product companies and EduMongoose is bridging that gap.Funding received – NoneOfficial website –

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