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If you have the money, the intention and the desire to pamper yourself with a luxurious and expensive something but just don’t know where to put them all this month, we might have a little suggestion for you. Bringing to you one product each month that you should be putting your moolah into, Splurge will tell you exactly what you need to show off and impress everyone with the much-coveted products that everyone yearns to have.A mon avis, starting your new year on a high note (quite literally) would be good move. Hence, we picked none other than “Vertu”, the luxury mobile phone as it is called, priced at a high sum of `14, 00, 000 onwards.

VERTU: The Brand For Dummie

Vertu is a luxury and handmade mobile phones brand established by Finnish mobile-phone manufacturer Nokia in 1998. It is manufactured and retailed in Britain and that explains the class. These luxury handsets are built around the concept that mobile phones can definitely be marketed as fashion accessories and spent on heavily just like we spend on watches, lighters or other accessories. Vertu has also emphasised on craftsmanship, style and service, over mobile phone functions. Signature, which is Vertu’s flagship model, has nearly 5 carats of ruby bearing embedded into it. In the past, Vertu has also introduced touchscreen phones, flip phones, smartphones, the classic mobile phone, a model equipped with a full QWERTY keyboard made from sapphire sculpted keys, an Android OS supported handset and touch phones.

Not Just Another Arm Candy

Hang on there. What did you say? Well, if you’re thinking that Vertu is an arm candy and that’s where it stops being cool, then maybe you should rearrange your thoughts. In addition to being one hell of a beauty, Vertu has some really interesting upgraded features up its sleeves, too, with its latest collection launched in 2015. The Signature Collection runs on Android OS, v 5.1 (Lollipop) and also has a Sapphire Crystal Glass Capacitive touchscreen that was a first for Vertu. It also comes with 64GB storage, 4GB RAM, fast and wireless charging and Dolby Digital Plus audio. All in all, Vertu is a solid bet for your money.

Why Will It Make You (And Everyone Else) Swoon

In 2015, Vertu released its latest 3 models- Signature Ultimate Black, Signature Red Gold Black DLC and Signature White Mother of Pearlthat come with different yet gorgeous appearances that emit elegance. Making the appearance lust worthy are features like 18 karat gold trim lines, premium hand-selected black leather case, fine diamond-like coating and rich designs.

So, don’t wait any more and do your month’s luxury investment in Vertu that exudes luxury, makes people steal looks and invites curiosity.


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