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splurge - Amazon Echo Show july-17
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Echo show “Shows and Tells” and is gradually embarking on its way to becoming a chatbot of some kind that is totally natural and omnipresent.

Amazon’s announcement of the Echo Show – its latest voice-activated home device in its Echo family – proves that Alexa has expanded to do something remarkable in the two years since its introduction. Echo show “Shows and Tells” and is gradually embarking on its way to becoming a chatbot of some kind that is totally natural and omnipresent. This coveted product is slated to be released on June 28, and will cost around an approximate $230.

What is the Amazon Echo Show like?

Although Amazon has always given priority to voice commands and delivering a hands-free experience, the Echo Show is basically an interactive tablet. The new Echo Show is sleek, looks cool and comes in black or white options. The new hardware sports a 7-inch touchscreen, a camera, a Dolby speaker, and eight powerful speaker microphones that provide “room-filling” sound. By giving Alexa lovers all the features they like plus some more with an added video screen, Echo Show enables users to watch videos, stream photos, make video calls, keep track of shopping and to-do lists, and even monitor home’s safety. This new smart home technology brings everything users love about Amazon’s Alexa, and adds a screen for access to even more convenient features. It has a touch screen for displaying the time, the weather, visual information, even video chat, answer questions, request an Uber for pickup and control your smart-home devices. The tablet lets you makes voice calls on voice commands to those who use Alexa, or an Amazon device and video calls on another Echo device with a camera.

What will make you Splurge?

The Amazon Echo Show is a powerful device that fully coordinates with your home to deliver a true smart home experience. What strikes about the product are the awesome 7-inch screen that can be seen from anywhere and the powerful, room-filling speakers with Dolby processing. Its voice command feature makes shopping extremely easy as it helps you buy products from Amazon by presenting you with a number of options. By being a perfect combination of front-facing camera, strong sound, microphone and decent-sized screen, the Echo Show proves to be a great video-chat device. Simply ask Alexa to do something for you, and it’s done!


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