Speedtest Provides Monthly Status of Internet Speeds

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We are all aware of Speedtest. This company has been in this long run for quickly measuring the internet speed. The giant company has now unveiled its Speedtest Global Index. This news addition is a global ranking. It takes place on a monthly basis.  This will permit you to view how your native country is performing with regards to the average internet speed.

Speedtest’s Global Index is responsible to bring together data. This data comes from billions of tests consumers that run on a particular data providing service. The statistics represent data from both mobile and broadband connection speeds from all around the world. This technology is set in such a way that it gets updated every month. The program will show each country’s ranking both its average download speed, as well as any difference in position from the preceding month.

How Speedtest Works?

All you have to do is click through on an individual country. Then, you can take a look at both, its average download and the upload speed. Speedtest has its very own blog. The blog will indicate all the charts tracking the performance of the individual country’s sites. These statistics will also appear on individual country pages as the monthly reports get published. By accessing this, people will be able to “uncover trends and detect potential storylines.”

Some Speedy Examples

Definitely, Speedtest is not the only internet speed ranking place. But it is exciting to see how countries move up and down the charts. Cyprus has moved up a total of 21 positions in mobile ranking from last month’s data to number 35. France, on the other end, peaked down five positions in the same chart to number 37. Only three countries emerge in the top 10 for both categories. Singapore, South Korea, and Iceland have hands down, the fastest Internet in the world.

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