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SpaceX successfully sent Tesla Roadster in Deep Space

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Earlier today, SpaceX launched Falcon Heavy into the solar system. Firing 27 Merlin engines from three first-stage boosters to produce more than 5 million pounds of thrust.

The Falcon Heavy was carrying a Tesla Roadster electric car into space as a mock payload. Falcon heavy includes two side-boosters to provide huge thrust. Both the side-booster separated successfully from the center main-stage rocket and flew back to Earth. Not all of them touchdown at their designated launchpads. The central core did not stick the landing on a floating drone ship 300 miles off the Florida coast.

Now, the Tesla Roadster is orbiting around the earth aiming for an endless road trip to Mars. SpaceX has livestream the Roadster journey for nearly 5 hours, making it the second biggest Livestream in YouTube history.

The Tesla’s journey demonstrates the Falcon Heavy’s capabilities of putting objects into deep space. Elon Musk will be happy to know that the Falcon Heavy is capable of sending their spacecraft into the asteroid belt. Elon Musk tweeted with the new trajectory. Tesla Roadster will reach Mars orbit way too early and will keep going to the Asteroid Belt.

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