Sony SRS X55 is by far the best portable speaker I\’ve ever heard

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Sony\’s Compact Hi-Fi System

First Impression : 

Open the box, and you might think that Sony\’s Xperia team designed the SRS X55 as it has similar edges and finish. It\’s a basic rectangular box and truly sets an example to the saying – Don\’t judge a book by its cover. As simple and subtle as it looks, when it comes to audio performance, the X55 blows your pants off as its loud and surprisingly bass heavy for a speaker this size. It instantly reminds you of Sony\’s Hi-Fi System, this time in a handy package.


As mentioned, the Sony SRS X55 is rectangular measuring at 221mm x 118mm x 51mm. There are no flashy LEDS or wacky designs. It simple and very subtle in looks. There are connectivity ports at the lower back that include, the DC power input, aux in and USB port that allows you to charge other devices when the speaker is not playing in battery mode. You can also charge devices when the Speaker is plugged in. On top where it looks mostly like an Xperia product, you have touch sensitive buttons for volume, modes, charge LED indicator, NFC logo and physical buttons for power and phone functionality. Branding too has been kept minimal and it looks very neat.


Don\’t go by the looks of it, tap your NFC capable device or just pair your device over Bluetooth or connect your devices via the Aux, and hit the play button to be surprised beyond limits. Hands down, the Sony SRS-X55 is the best portable speaker I\’ve heard in a long time. The SRS-X55 has two speakers facing the back and three facing the front, making for double-sided output that\’ll be more than ample for a small room. Play any genre and the X55 would do justice to all of them. The sound was deep, full and rich at all volume levels across devices and connections. The most surprising impact was its capabilities to deliver thumping bass without distorting. When not playing, the 1.5 amp USB port charges your device rapidly. At just over a kg, it can be carried easily in any bag and acts flawlessly as a speaker phone for those conference calls. The speaker connects for over 30ft without any connection failures and that\’s very impressive. The 2200mah battery lasts 10 hours on a looping playback but it will be less if you decide to charge devices over it.

Verdict :

The Sony SRS-X55 impressed me to the core with its sound. I do wish it looked a bit as amazing as it sounds, but that\’s just nitpicking on a very capable speaker that literally blows your mind away when you hit that Play button. For the price, it is one of the most appealing portable speakers in the market today. Sony has come back with a winner and if looking to buy a portable speaker, don\’t make your judgements based on its look because this is a Sony Hi-Fi System in a compact form-factor.

Specifications :

¢ SPEAKER: 38 mm Full Range x 2
¢ Subwoofer: 58 mm Passive Radiator x 1
¢ SOUND MODES : ClearAudio+, DSEE

Price 13,999/-

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