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No matter what, we just can’t get over uploading pictures on Social Media. We even have a hell lot of photo editing options to choose from. From quite some time, Snapchat is undoubtedly our favorite and still remains on the No.1 most downloaded app on Play Store. Similarly, Instagram has also become a serious business. On an average basis, almost 80 Million photos are being shared every day globally. The latest changes in the algorithmic feed have been made like Facebook. So, unlike before it’s not that easy to collect as many likes. Same goes with the follower base because now you need to make an impact with your posts and images.

It’s not necessary to stick to the features and filters offered by a particular Social Media app only. Be a free bird, and explore some amazing apps which can make you edit your picture or make your post interesting. Do you know how many third party apps are there to give your Insta account a makeover? We are talking here about the two most famous picture sharing platform – Snapchat and Instagram. We’ll tell you about both these platforms so that you can make your Social Media game strong. Basically, we already know a lot of things, but there are still some features that you must be unaware of. We are going to reveal some hacks for making a picture perfect post for your Social media id:

1.Creating Own Filter

Snapchat offers a lot of nice filters to choose from, but do we ever get satisfied?! Haha, I don’t. So, when you get bored of the filters offered to you, we have an idea to get you out of this situation. All you need to do is to choose an Emoji and increase its size to the level where it covers the whole screen. This is when the edges begin to pixelate. Now, drag the pixilated area over the frame which will give a feel of a whole new filter.

2.Adding More Text Space

This is a crazy hack, but we are sure you’ve never heard about this. What we are suggesting you do is, Go to Notes app and don’t type. Press ‘Return’ multiple times; select the blank space and then ‘Copy’. Now, Go to ‘Snapchat’ and tap on the picture, as soon as the text box appears, select and click ‘Paste’. It will give you more space to type in your message text.

>3.Go Black and White

You must have seen the color palette which is there for the drawing tool. Have you ever realized that it doesn’t have the black and white color? However, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them. To draw in white, tap on the color palette and after that drag your finger to the left of the screen without actually lifting it. Similarly, to create black, you need to do the same thing but drag your finger from the bottom of the screen in this case.

For those who are obsessed with a black and white filter can try an app called Black when you get bored of the Instagram filters. This app is very easy to use and you just have to swipe left or right for applying various filters. These are designed to mimic actual films like the Lomography Lady Grey, Kodak TRI-x 400 and Fuji Neopan 400. Furthermore, there are customization options like vignette, fade, curves and more. The Black app is free for iOS but if you want to use advanced filters, you might have to splurge a few bucks.

4.Using 3 Filters Together

Surprised? Well, it’s not a big deal. First, simply need to choose your favorite filter. For the second filter, you need to hold one finger on the screen and swipe with your free hand. Finally, to add the third and last filter, you have to let go of the screen after adding the second filter. Again, hold down the screen and swipe with your free hand to add the last filter.

We hope these hacks help you in acing your Snapchat. Now, let’s give you some insight on Instagram as well. Do you know there are so many third party apps to give your Insta account a makeover? Following are a few tips and tricks for Instagram:

5.Layout for creating Photo Collage

We get irritated when our friends spam us with their multiple uploads. Instead of spamming anyone, you can very conveniently post all your selected pictures in one go. This Layout app lets you create a collage and saves you from posting two or more pictures consecutively.

6.Snapseed for Next Level Edit

The Snapseed app is a must have. This app has so many cool features like grade-A tools and is the finest photo editors available for Android and iOS both. The features offered by the app are usually reserved for the desktop programs. You just got Lucky! Download the Snapseed app and you might forget to use Instagram’s built-in tools in the future.

7.Hyperlapse for Time-lapse Videos

This app can help you transform the shaky videos into a professional time lapse. You might be wondering that to make a time-lapse video, you need a professional camera and that too with filming equipment. These videos are generally made by keeping the camera still for a specific duration. But, the Hyperlapse doesn’t need all this. You don’t have to worry about keeping still as it has a feature called stabilization technology allowing you to make cinematic clips.

8.Boomerang for Moments on Loop

We often want to see a particular thing again and again. These are the few special moments or fun activity that you simply want to go on and on and on. For keeping moments in the loop, you need Boomerang. You have to capture a clip from Boomerang like a moving object. This app will further create a GIF kind of a video automatically. This is super fun!

9.Perfect 365 for experiencing Digital Makeup Artist

Whenever we upload a photo, we want it to look pitch perfect. After all, who wants to look even a tiny bit ugly in their picture. In this situation, you can use Perfect 365 app. This app renders digital makeup tools to be used before we post our selfie on the Social Media platform. Here’s a secret for you! According to the reports, Kardashians are the avid users of Perfect 365.

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