Smart Rings: An Addition to the Wearable Future

Smart Rings
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Cute! That was our very first impression of this hi-tech band around chiseled fingers called Ringly. It basically consists of a line of smartphone-enabled rings, and damn, is thing dandy! You wonder how this works, don’t you? Everything around you getting smart—your home, your phones, bands, watches, then why would an important accessory like a ring would keep out of the lineup. Underneath the almost-precious gems of Ringly is situated a Bluetooth receiver. Moreover, this smart ring works just like a pager for your finger! It is inbuilt with high-tech gizmos, which will buzz on your chosen finger. The ring will buzz and vibrate in order to ping you about all your important notifications. It’s like a cell phone right at your finger tips, like literally!

Bet, there are plenty of people out there who have almost brought themselves to dislike wrist-pack gadgets. The past couple of years has seen an avid inflow of smart wearables. The wearable technology has launched a huge inflow of products! To all those who have detested wearing smart wrists and watches, a tech-fashion accessory has finally come along in your way. The Ringly ring will present you the chance to try out a smart ring!

Also, if you are someone simply can’t accept wearable products, then Ringly ring is something that will change your outlook towards wearable technology. We strongly suggest you try a smart ring that can simplify your life to a great extent.

With regards to our ongoing affair with the wearable technology, if anyone ever prompts any questions about wearable rings, the first thing that comes to our mind is whether that semi-precious rock has a Bluetooth-connector. Engagement rings that can also be used as WiFi hotspots are just around the corner. Such advancement in the technology isn’t quite astonishing. We certainly have brought to you a networking, stunning cocktail ring, right here, right now. Let’s all admire the advancement of the technology.

These fragments of well-connected trinkets permit the end consumers to control high-tech gizmos with gestures. These rings can also allow users to check their smartphone notifications from the exact same design of real estate that might reside a wedding ring.

However, many smart rings are simply the pipe dreams of ill-fated crowd funding projects. Tearing up and resurfacing from such failed projects are a few real offerings out there. We’ve

Today’s wearable markets are booming with new products day by day. The market is also populated with start-ups inventing several forms of tech-accessories. You hear that? Other wearables and wearable makers buzzing in the market? Women across the globe have spoken, demanding for pretty tech-sessories that they can match with their blings!


One such brand of startup is the Ringly. Women can now heat up the dance floors by swinging to the groovy “Single Ladies” (Remix) dance. The company has announced a bunch of reasons to get excited to put a Ringly ring on that sweet finger. The rings will come installed with all-new apps, which will easily link with the high tech jewelry. Can life get any simpler?

This whole arena of smart rings is in a constant madness of modifying the technology. The owners, apparently, are ransacking every wish of the users. The development team is listening up to early backers and processing the feedback into an even better product. The rings will soon make their way to all of our jewelry boxes. Let’s take a small look around at some of the apps that you’ll be able to hook up to your smart ring.

Smart Rings: Generally Available Apps

There are various lesser known applications that have joined an already blooming share supported by Ringly. The basic apps provided by Smart Rings include Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, Vine, LinkedIn, Poshmark, Tinder, and Uber, in general. With all of these varieties literally present at our fingertips, we might also need a two-finger ring to strike a sense of balance for all of pending notifications. A matching bracelet would also work…

You can always order some of the stylish smart rings on price tag starting from INR 2,000.

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