Saying “No” To Nazis and What’s Stopping Techies

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Doing the basics is easy and when you add traits of decency, it becomes even simpler. Don’t get swayed off by the first line. It’s more than just another write-up on lousy issues splurging the tech world. With the rise of PayPal, Facebook, GoDaddy and the likes in their chicanery attempt facing American Nazism, things aren’t easy on the plate for anyone.

Damn right! This is about Gab. The Neo-Nazi social networking community that was phenomenally responsible for initiating the urge within a man to commit one of the biggest crimes in American History. The massacre of Jews took place at the time of their praying. But that’s probably a perspective you don’t want to touch upon. Now, I did say “basics” at the very first line because that’s what was lacking in case of the tech giants who took quite a bit of time to cease service facilitation for the online hate site. GoDaddy and Joyent followed Paypal’s off-late act of self-conscience, thus ultimately booting Gab. Sure, Gab went offline with officials keeping a watch over the domain and its status. The chief enabler Donald Trump has already been appealed to for help from Gab.

<> on August 19, 2017 in Boston, United States.

Let’s go back a bit in August early this year when Stripe and Paypal both were warned well in advance about Gab and what was cooking. Deplatform Hate consistently harped on Gab being a massive hive of white supremacists who were taking full advantage, thus publishing info (personal records) on journalists that reported stories of Neo-Nazi violence. Surely, it doesn’t affect the moral framework of companies at large if you don’t have to deal with the rights of the protected class. By all means, Nazis never qualified for that category. The best Stripe could do is to issue a warning to Gab about porn hosting. PayPal has been closely monitoring Gab for a while and was in the process of canceling payment facility for the platform, but couldn’t help save the tragic incident from occurring.

Reportedly, Robert Bowers, the shooter repeatedly messed with the terms of service for the payment companies. This brings back memories of Heather Heyer and her murder where the same group of neo-nazis was involved and active on Gab as well. They did their best, which made tech companies enforce stringent laws on policies of hate speech and associated violence. What do you think was the deal-breaker for the Daily Stormer? It was the media. The site has been mocking at the death of black people for years as it did in case of Tamir Rice’s death in 2017 when it was quoted stating, “hero put down a rabid dog” or in case of referring to the murder of Freddie Gray as “chimp out” (2016). This coverage by the press rang the ears for Sendgrid, YouTube, Apple Pay, Spotify, Facebook, Paypal and others in the line. It is befitting to witness how big name in the business like PayPal, Square, and others are digging up their tracks to cut off Neo-Nazis, but there’s still more to it. Instagram for instance, filters out accounts taking into consideration the names and association but never in case of violating content rules. Thus, it remains a playroom of atrophies for Nazis as well as for malign journalism. The perplexing existence between could-have-done-something but still didn’t is nothing less than a slow absorbing venom. Is it too much to ask for tech companies to take a strong stand and stop such atrocities from taking place or shall we continue to give it all for the greed of the Silicon Valley?

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