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How to save your phone from water damage

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Water is one of the greatest threats to electronic devices, and as the monsoon approaches the fear of water damage resurfaces for everyone of us. Our smartphones are particularly susceptible to water damage after all we carry them with us everywhere; through floods and storms our phones never leave our sides. Water damage can permanently ruin your smartphone, however a few simple steps can drastically increase your devices chances of  survival. Therefore in the unfortunate event of your smartphone being threatened by water, perform the following steps immediately, to save your phone from water damage.

  1. Switch of your phone at once and remove the battery, sim card, SD card, and other peripheral parts.
  2. Dry the phone by gently dabbing it using cloth or paper towels. Do not rub or shake the device and do not heat the device using hair dryers, microwaves or any other form of heating.
  3. If the water has seeped in and the damage appears extensive then use a small vacuum and suck out the water with caution.
  4. Once this is done place the device in a zip lock bag filled with white uncooked rice for 24 to 48 hours. Rice is a very good absorbent of liquids and thus a great drying agent. Substitutes of rice include packets of silica gel or the common breakfast cereal Rice krispies.
  5. Another method that can replace step 4 is the use of phone drying pouches that are available in the market.
  6. Once all the steps have been completed try charging your device. If it does not charge you may have to buy a new battery. If however it charges normally you can switch on your phone and begin using it.
  7. For the first few days pay close attention and check for any out of the ordinary behaviour. If your device is behaving abnormally get it checked. If everything is fine, Hooray! Your device has survived!
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