Sansui 43-inch Ultra HD Smart Android LED TV

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Sansui’s smart TV has plenty of aspects that you could ask for from the main home entertainment 4K TV – crystal clear visuals, an amazing user interface in the form of Android TV OS. The ultra slim bezel design has an anodized aluminum finish that imparts the TV a premium look along maximizing the display area. It has two mid-range ten-watt speakers on the rear that gives a total output of 20 watts which is quite adequate. For better audio, you should get a good pair of speaker. The Sansui TV offers three USB in which one is USB 3.0 port that supports 4K content playback with ease. It also includes 3 x HDMI ports, an RF antenna input for cable TV, RCA input for standard setup box and Co-axial input. A headphone jack to connect wired headphones or for use with external speakers. As expected, the TV comes with a remote control that has a lot of buttons and feels a little cluttered. It also comes with a dedicated one-touch Netflix and YouTube button for quick action.


Talking about performance, the main feature the consumers look at a TV is the picture quality of a television. Running at 4K UHD resolutions, pictures look bright, sharp and appealing. The viewing angles on the Sansui TV is great, and a great improvement from the previous series. The color reproduction on this panel is great. If you’re primarily viewing high-quality HD content, like on Youtube, the TV runs the content smoothly without any issues. If you can get your hands on some 4K content, the TV can play content without any lags. Incase of any non-4K video formats, the TV automatically upscales to match the panel. The system designed specifically for TV’s.

The interface of the TV is simple and fast as it is based on Android TV OS. It is a special version of Android Operating, which makes finding and streaming content a breeze but also functions as a gaming device(It can play any Android OS). Android TV also comes well equipped with most of the latest streaming 4K content options like Netflix, Amazon Prime and others. There are millions of other apps and games available at PlayStore designed specifically for TV interface.


The Sansui Smart TV is a premium 4K TV that offers razor sharp display with dedicated Android TV operating system. If you are desperate to buy a 4K TV with Android features, then Sansui TV is worth considering. You are getting a 4K 43-inch smart LED TV with Android TV operating system(not the android tablet version). Overall, the Sansui 43-inch Ultra HD Android smart TV is impressive and the best value for money.

PRICE: INR 31999/-

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