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It is crisis that gives birth to invention and Sanjay Katkar, Co founder of Quick heal couldn\’t agree more. Having completed his Computer Engineering from Pune, he would write software programs. Due to safety and maintenance issues with PCs, he started developing a basic model of antivirus software for CAT Computer Services, another endeavour by Kailash his brotehr and Co founder . That\’s how Quick Heal was born! Sanjay sheds light on other matters that matter through our questions…1. 9 Apps you use the most.Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook, Dictionary, Google Maps, Quick Heal Mobile Security, Gmail, Calendar, Music Player.2. 9 books that you want us to read.The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, One Up On Wall Street, The Interpretation of Dreams, Rich Dad Poor Dad, The Namesake, Steve Jobs (biography), The 3 mistakes of my life, Stay Hungry Stay Foolish, The source: Power of Happy Thoughts.3. Your career highlight in the past 9 years?Receiving Channel Champions Award for Quick Heal for being most preferred Top AntiVirus in the year 2008. In the year 2009, we also received Emerging India Award at the hands of finance  minister Mr. P. Chidambaram. Besides, we received Maharashtra IT Award in the year 2009 along with entering the competitive field of Network Security by launching Quick Heal Terminator.4. 9 a.m. on a working day what will we find you doing?Reading newspaper5. 9 things people don\’t know about youI love cooking for my kids,I do paragliding,I am a certified diver, I love watching kids movies, I never wanted to study computers, I am a good artist,I party a lot, I spend time with old friends, I wanted to be in creative field.6. 9 Tech Innovations that you think will change our lives.Smart homes, Flying personal car, Wearable smart devices, High speed Aero planes, High speed spaceships, High speed communication, Unlimited power source , Artificial human body replacements like human eye, Innovations in advanced human DNA re-structuring , Human brain programming technology.

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