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Samsung Preserves Its First Place in Indian Markets

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Samsung Electronics is ranked premier with a market share of 25.4% in the Indian smartphone sector. According to a market researcher that was conducted July 28, Samsung Electronics ranked first with a 24.1% market share in smartphones. It also acquired a 26.6% market share in feature phones. On the whole, ITEL ranked second with 10.2%, Xiaomi third with 7.2%, MicroMax with 7.1%, VIVO fifth with 5.9% share in the Indian cell phone market.

Statistically, 50% of all the mobile phones used in India are compatible with 3G and 2G only. But most telecommunication companies have been expanding their LTE service coverage over the past year. So, the smartphone upgrades are expected to soar in the upcoming future. Indian markets have expanded for of 15,000- to 20,000-rupee mobile phones. This segment has grown fastest for 2 consecutive quarters. Samsung, Oppo, and Vivo are the top leads in this market.

Some More Statistics

Samsung has reserved its top spot with a market share of 55% in the premium segment of 30,000-rupee or more expensive smartphones.  Apple follows Samsung by 30%. This sector gave favorable responses to the Galaxy S8 series. And this raised Samsung’s sales further by 13% from the previous quarter.In the smartphone sector, the runner ups after Samsung were Xiaomi (15.5%), Vivo (12.7%), Oppo (9.6%), and Lenovo (6.8%). In the feature phone market, ITEL came in second with 15.7%, MicroMax came third (8.6%), Lava is fourth (7.5%), and Intex is fifth (6.3%).

Chinese cell phone brands continue to stay sturdy in the Indian markets. Chinese brands account for more than half of all the smartphone sales. These companies include Oppo, Vivo, and Gionee. They are all set to carry out massive marketing activities with massive funds to sponsor the IPL (Indian Premier League). Smartly, they are expanding their business by consistently introducing new products in the mid-priced market, where the demand is rapidly growing.

The Indian local brands are also expanding a little, but it’s very slow paced. They are struggling to enter high top rankings for the third consecutive quarter.

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