Samsung in news for all the wrong reasons, yet again!

Samsung missed a bullet by inches and if it hadn’t, it would’ve cost them an entire empire. However, we don’t know if they’re out of danger yet, totally.Samsung’s Vice Chairman, Lee Jae-yong, was being investigated for an alleged attempt of bribery. The charges claimed that the VC paid multi-dollar bribes to the President’s confidant Choi Soon-sil to illegally approve of a merger. After a draining investigation, the VC was made to wait for the decision by the court who finally passed a decision claiming that an arrest was not possible on the grounds of lack of solid evidence that would require an arrest. Though that means that Samsung VC is off the hook, he is definitely on the radar.Lee Jae-yong, became the leader of the company after the President of the company, and his father, died of a heart attack in 2014. An arrest would’ve badly tainted the company especially because of the fact that Samsung, the South Korea’s largest conglomerate, is very important economically and socially for the country.This entire scandal has led to an impeachment of the President Park Geun-hye last month. If the decision comes through, she would be the first South Korean President to be asked to leave the office early.

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