Samsung Galaxy Note9 Review: 9 In Shining Armour

samsung galaxy note 9
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Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a successor of the Note series, but the design looks exactly similar to its predecessor. On the front, Samsung Galaxy Note9 resemble the Galaxy Note8, but Note9 sports an additional 0.1-inch. So, you won’t notice much of a difference. But when you turn the phone around, that’s where you can physically differentiate between Galaxy Note8 and Galaxy Note9. Unlike the Note8, the fingerprint has moved below the camera where the finger can easily reach. This small change makes a big difference when using your phone on a regular basis. The glass on the back is a smudge magnet, and I live with the constant fear of dropping such a large device – but Samsung has included a soft transparent silicone case with the phone to provide better grip and protect it from getting dent by accidental fall. In short, the Galaxy Note9 is definitely an iterative update, but the small improvement does help this phone feel fresh.


Samsung Galaxy Note9 is a premium smartphone from Note series and the best technology of Samsung so far.  The Note9 gets a slightly bigger 6.4-inch Super AMOLED display by 0.1-inch compared to its predecessor. Though it is not noticeable, an improvement is always welcome. Also, there is no doubt that the Samsung AMOLED panel is the best smartphone display out there in the market. Talking about the processor, Samsung opted for Exynos 9810 Octa for Indian market instead of Qualcomm Snapdragon 845(US version). The Exynos 9810 does perform neck to neck with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 845. It has a water cooling and a ceramic system to reduce the heat generated by the processor, making it perform faster. Software-wise, the Galaxy Note9 runs the Android 8.1 Oreo operating system out-of-the-box with Samsung own skins. They are not the best when it comes to software updates, there will be security updates from time to time, but for the latest Android version – Pie, we may have to wait a bit longer. The current Android version is fast and fluid but adds two voice assistants, two browsers and two app stores. Though there is a bloatware, I encountered absolutely no slow-downs or stutters throughout our testing period. The Galaxy Note9 gives an exclusively premium experience, which rarely any other smartphone out there could offer.

design note 9

S-Pen is the biggest selling point of the Samsung Note series. Along with the improvements in Note 9, Samsung did not fail in upgrading the S- Pen and gave us an upgraded version of S-Pen which comes with Bluetooth. Having Bluetooth lets you perform functions like taking pictures or skipping music tracks. After using the S-Pen to capture photos and using it to control music, I can say that Samsung is keen on pleasing the Note users, as the S-Pen was blissfully interactive and functioned at a lightning fast speed.  Samsung also includes a couple of S Pen focused apps on the handset including note keeping apps. The S-Pen was quick in terms of speed and offered an experience which felt like using an actual pen. (The sound was just a bliss, kudos to Samsung for that!)

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The most excited part of the phone is the Dual Camera. Samsung provides the best camera sensor for its Note series smartphones. The Note9 comes with a variable aperture sensor. In layman terms, it gives well-balanced photography experience whether you are in a dim bar or outside on a bright sunlight. The new variable aperture sensor was first introduced in Samsung’s Galaxy S9+ which was launched earlier this year. The primary camera is a 12MP sensor that comes with a mechanical aperture mechanism that changes from f/1.5 to f/2.4. The secondary 12MP sensor is a telephoto lens, means it can go up 2x optical zoom without getting pixelated. And on the front, it comes with an 8MP camera with autofocus. The selfies from this camera are good, even in the low light environment.

note 9


The Samsung Galaxy Note9 has impressed with its beautiful display and a well-designed smartphone. Though there are minor changes, it is still one best Android smartphones you can get for your money.

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Samsung Galaxy Note9









  • Excellent display
  • S Pen
  • Better fingerprint sensor placement
  • Best Dual Camera


  • Same old design
  • Bixby hardware button cannot be remap
  • Averge battery
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