Routofy presents the ‘smart’ way to travel

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Routofy is a door-to-door travel booking app that aims at providing users with a altogether new and seamless travel experience. The app is the one-stop booking platform for flights, trains, buses & cabs as well as combinations of these. The integration of Google Maps allows you to make point-to-point searches, instead of the traditional city-to-city bookings. The app is relevant right from the travel-planning stage; it offers route-discovery, so that users can know ‘how to reach’ any destination across the globe. All you need to provide is the start location, destination and the travel dates. For every search, the app provides realistic combinations of different modes of transport. Travellers can choose a suitable route based on pricing, duration of travel and availabilities. In fact, the app’s unique WOW filter sorts the results by optimizing all these factors and ranking them in a holistic fashion.

Travellers can book the entire door-to-door itinerary in a single transaction at the app. Unlike other apps in the travel space, where people are left to coordinate and make separate bookings for different modes, Routofy makes the entire process super-convenient on their easy-to-use interface. And the experience does not end there. The app accompanies travellers on their journey through our unique travel assistance, which includes facilities such as last-minute cab bookings, web check-in, transport delay information, and so on.  For example, a user can now book his entire trip from Cyber Hub, Gurgaon to Amul Dairy, Anand in one shot; furthermore, Routofy ensures that if your flight is running late, a subsequent cab booking is adjusted to meet you at the new arrival time.

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