LG G Flex2 Review – The Sexiest Smartphone of 2015

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First Impressions:

Right from the moment you look at the Box, you are in a treat to know that this phone is all about curves and flex. We received the Flamenco Red and would suggest you to get the same. Open the box and you are greeted with a very sleek curve. Surprisingly, it feels natural when you pick it up, but be warned and ready to get mesmerized with the amazing Flamenco Red color that the phone wears as if dressed to seduce. You would definitely be staring at the G Flex 2 for at least a minute before you regain your senses.

Design and Build:

The LG G Flex is distinctively known for its curved design. It’s a welcome change from the monotonous Smartphone design. This time though, it has a reduced screen size making it much more comfortable to use and better overall aesthetics than its predecessor, G Flex. The second-generation self-healing back allows for light scratches on the smooth “spin hairline” polish to disappear in as little as 10 seconds. The phone is absolutely clean on the metal edges and looks like a curved and slimmer LG G3. Carries the same design, with power and volume keys on the rear right below the laser guided camera module.

The front is clean too, with speaker grill and sensors on the top followed by a Full HD curved flexible Gorilla Glass P-OLED display and a shaded grey LG branding at the bottom, which seems to sit comfortably without getting in your way. The speaker grill is at the bottom left on the rear and is brilliantly designed for loudness due to the reverb, there’s an infra-red sensor on the top edge while the bottom edge houses the micro USB port and the 3.5mm headphone jack. The back cover is removable and grants access to the Micro SIM and Micro-SD card ports. The battery is not removable and yes, its curved too. And all of it 23 degree curve flexes to a flat 180 degrees (if you ever sit on it), feels very natural when in pocket and while on call.

Performance and Camera:

All the extra speed from the Snapdragon 810, coupled with the 2GB Ram and Android 5.0 also improves the user experience, and it\’s noticeably smoother and snappier than the G3. The G Flex 2 does have a few extra features over the G3, including Glance View, where a swipe down the screen when it\’s locked quickly reveals the clock, calendar, and notifications.  The new Adreno 430 is a beast and slays every game at max settings. The Snapdragon 810 is a beast and thermal throttling is what needs to be done to tame its heat, but sadly that affects the UI and minor lags are prominent when multitasking. I would accept that on a mid range phone, but when you pay a premium, you do expect perfection. The phone supports 4G bands and call quality was top notch. It also supports Micro-SD cards upto 2TB! Sadly, that capacity is yet to arrive, hence we only trust LG’s word on it.

Supplying the G Flex 2 with energy is a 3,000mAh battery, which charges at 2.6A rather than 1.8A, and a reworked charger feeds it with a 50-percent charge in just 40 minutes. The battery life is good and lasted a day with ease. The power saving features can extend that but reduce the functionality to quite a bit. The screen is a hit or miss for some, as the P-OLED display causes the display to look a bit textured. Don’t get me wrong, its crisp and has good contrast levels but needs getting used to.

The G Flex 2 retains the G3\’s 13-megapixel camera sensor, dual LED flash, OIS+, and laser autofocus feature, but the camera software has been updated to be more responsive. It was quick and camera shots were great. 4K video also was smooth with great details. There\’s also a cool new selfie mode designed to be used with selfie sticks, where a gesture takes a photo, and moving the phone down towards you shows a preview of the snap.


The G Flex 2 is a beautiful, high performance, highly desirable Smartphone; just like the sporty version of an established best seller should be. The upgrade in specs brings it bang up to date, and unless you\’re absolutely set on having a 1440p screen, it\’s very tempting next to the G4.

Quick Specs:

5.5 Full HD Curved P-OLED display (Gorilla Glass)

Snapdragon 810 octa-core chipset

Android OS v5.0.1 with LG Optimus X4.0UI

16GB internal storage, 2GB RAM

Micro-SD card support up to 2TB (We are still bowled over this one!)

13MP rear cam with LED, 4k video

2.1MP front cam, 1080p video

Price – 50,000/

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