The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review – As Good As Reading Gets

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The 6th generation, 6-inch Kindle Paperwhite aims to hit a Six out of the stadium, with its sixteen levels of gray on its display. Ok, those were a lotta sixes but clearly no other eBook manufacturer has got things so right like Amazon. With the newest Kindle Paperwhite, with 2GB on board storage and a 25% faster processor things are looking better. But does it have what it takes to replace a book reading experience?


If you\’ve never used a Kindle Paperwhite before, you might want to rethink the fact that Amazon wanted to make a product that will replace books altogether. It\’s got no colour, no graphical UI and no third-party apps. It\’s NOT a tablet it\’s a simple eBook reader, with text that looks almost like it would appear on a regular book you\’d pick up from a bookstore. The new gen Paperwhite is pretty similar in dimensions to the older one, with slight reduction in weight and aforementioned processing power. Still no external storage and no audio jack, which really could\’ve put this product in another league but additions like X-Ray and Smart Lookup are game-changers in their own right too. The beautifully crafted rounded edges and the matted black finish really give the overall package a classy look, and the entire time I spent with it, was truly impressed with the build quality and the way it felt in my hand. Carrying it around and reading eBooks at night was a delight too, and the little improvements on the display and the actual touch have made the new Kindle a delight. The primary reason for this improvement is the ˜Carta e-paper technology\’ which is exclusively on Amazon products.There are no smudges while using the device and Kindle Page Flip feature allows you to skim through an eBook with ease. There is a new vocabulary-builder feature added as well, which offers to teach you new words like a flash-card interface till you master them. There is a Kindle Free Time feature as well, which lets your kids safely access the Paperwhite with Parental Controls as well. Browsing and buying books on the HUGE collection on Amazon is a breeze, and I was able to go through the entire process with the in-built 3G in hardly 15-20 seconds. Speaking of which, if you purchase the 3G Kindle, you can access it anywhere without worrying about operator charges as this is exclusive network for Kindle users, at no extra cost for usage. It does work erratically at times, but is pretty solid and reliable for most part. Of course, the only thing where you can use it is while browsing the Amazon store, or sending mails via the Kindle-assigned email id.



With an excellent battery life for close to 2 months on a single full charge, and new and improved usability and features the new Kindle Paperwhite has set the bar higher. Again. If given an option, it makes more sense to purchase the 3G variant, even if battery life might go down a notch. It is going to rule the hearts of bookworms for a long time to come, undoubtedly or till the next upgrade comes in. Till then, this is the best eBook reader in the market right now bar none. 


6 Grayscale E-Ink Display
2GB internal storage
TXT, PDF, MOBI, PRC, HTML, DOC, DOCX formats supported
170.2 mm x 116.8 mm x 9.1 mm
USB 2.0 port
222gms (approx.)

Exhibit Rating: 4.5 / 5

Price: Rs. 10,999/- (Wi-Fi only)

          Rs. 13,999/- (Wi-Fi + 3G)

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