Retail Stores Set to Use Robots and Smart Shelves

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Retail stores are trying tackling online stores by embracing advanced technology. Retailers are making use of everything: robots, interactive mirrors, and shelves embedded with sensors.

The ultimate goal here is to make use of these real-world store features. With such digital features, retailers will be to lure shoppers back from the internet. And these technologies may even help retailers nudge their potential customers to spend more in the procedure.

Here a couple of technologies that you can expect in a store near you.

Smart Shelves

We know it for a fact that web retailers have a tremendous amount of data on their customers. Some online technologies are also capable of tracking shoppers from one site to another to entice them back. The potential customers are lured in for what is known as the retargeting ads. These are basically promos targeted to what the particular shopper has looked at before, but did not actually buy, for any reason. Smart shelves come with sensors, and they promise to give the same kind of in-depth consumer behavior analytics at retail stores.

There have been technologies invented where shelves show the digitized price tags and information about the products. The next step here is to link this to individual shoppers. For example, this technology can work for a shopper who prefers dietary products, the price tags could enlighten up in the aisle where all the dietary options are available.


Amazon, along with various other retailers, has made use of robots in warehouses to get the packaging done and ship the orders around the world. These robots may also be capable of interacting with the customers!

Apart from scanning shelves for the inventory, these robots can also help the potential customers to buy any particular products in both the languages, English and Spanish.

Soon enough, shoppers will also be able to come across robots that will interact with them on a deeper, connective level. The Japanese joint venture called SoftBank Robotics is currently testing a 4-foot humanoid robot named Pepper at two of the Westfield Malls in the state of California. They beautifully greet shoppers and also dance a little bit. However, these bots have the potential to send messages with regards to people’s age and gender by just analyzing through their facial recognition. SoftBank Robotics also states that it is working with clothing retailers, in order to help shoppers get the right outfits.

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