Refurbished Explained – Everything you need to know

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If you are on a hunt for a cheap electronics, you will definitely come across a term refurbished at some point. Even you might notice that the price of the refurbished electronics is less than the original pricing. “Refurbished” are often recognized as merely faulty rejects. Though you are right, those electronics are properly repaired, reconditioned and retested to be good as new. Brands always ensure that the devices are rigorously tested and shouldn’t fail the second time.

What exactly is Refurbished?

Most of the people have a confusion regarding new electronics and refurbished electronics. Refurbished products are basically those electronics which are returned to the seller because of some manufacturing and functioning defect. The seller then repairs and fix again under the industrial standards and sold again.

There are times when customers buy a product but later(often 30 days) decide that they don’t want it. In that case, the seller gets the product back and it cannot be re-sold again as new. To decrease the loss, seller refurbished the item through the refurbishment process and will be sold as a refurbished device.

The other reason for a electronics entering the refurbishment process is simply when a customer doesn’t want their product anymore. Instead of selling it to a friend or via a platform like OLX, Quickr or eBay, they can trade it with brands in exchange for a new one. Either way, the gadgets will be refurbished, and later sold as a refurbished electronics.

Are Refurbished electronics good?

Good question. Well, my answer is Yes. A refurbished electronics, as explained above, will be similar to a brand new product. The refurbished products have a slightly lower chance of breaking than a brand new product. This may sound weird, but it’s quite simple. A brand new product will go through all the normal quality checks. However, all the refurbished product will go through these checks twice. Also, refurbished electronics are much cheaper than a brand new product.

Do Refurbished electronics come with a warranty?

Mostly all products come with seller or manufacturer warranty. If a seller doesn’t offer a warranty on a refurbished electronics, then they probably aren’t a quality refurbisher at all. Thankfully, it is rare to find a poor quality refurbisher. Most refurbishers do include a warranty with their products. A lot of third party refurbishers offer 1 months of minimum warranty.

Benefits of Buying Refurbished electronics?

There are several potential benefits to buying refurbished electronics, the most obvious of which is their discounted price. Customers can typically save between 20% to 50% on refurbished electronics, but sometimes they are discounted for more than 50%.

Lastly, Should I buy a Refurbished electronics?

You should first ask yourself. If you are in the market for a brand new product, and it doesn’t fit your budget, then you should consider the refurbished product. If you are in the market for a new phone and are on a budget, then buy the new product.

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