How to Reboot your Phone in Safe Mode

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Just like a Windows PC, you can boot Android Operating system in Safe Mode. Booting into safe boot can load Android operating system without any third-party applications. This allows you to troubleshoot the device if you’re experiencing crashes, freezes or battery-life issue. Also, from safeboot mode, you can uninstall any misbehaving third-party applications.

To Boot into Safe Mode on most Android devices is to hold the power/lock button for few seconds, just like you normally trying to switch off your phone or restart it.

Next, after the power off button appears, hold the power off virtual button until the “Safe Mode” dialog box appears. Click on the Safe Mode button or icon to boot the Android device in Safe Mode. Note: In this mode, you won’t be able to access any applications you’ve downloaded from playstore or third-party website. The only apps that are running are the ones that came with the device.

After booting up in Safe Mode, you will see Safe Mode watermark on the bottom left and third party apps to be hidden or unusable.

To exit safe mode, restart your device normally. (Long-press the power button, select Power Off, and then long-press the power button again to turn it back on.) Your Android phone or tablet will boot and load third-party software as normal.

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