Quora – The Latest Victim Of Unauthorized Data Breach!

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On 1st of December 2008, Quora founder Adam D’Angelo notified the media about a massive unauthorized data breach of over 100 million Quora Users. This news came as a shock because Quora has an interconnected accounts policy with Facebook and Google. Entry into these other social networking sites through Quora is possible in case of the unauthorized data mining.

However it has been mentioned that the answers posted anonymously could not be breached and they are safe. The writers or users who have posted answers barring or hiding their real identity need not worry. Every user worldwide has been notified to change their security details and the 100 million users directly affected by the mishaps are being contacted personally to rectify and correct the situation.

Yahoo answer was one of the fore runners of Q&A but the quality of questions and answers became extremely degraded towards the end. This is when former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever came up with the idea of Quora. Since its launch in 2010, Quora has been one of the most preferred Q&A website globally. Quora Q & A is known to be more of knowledge based rather than being fluffy and obsolete fluff piece content.

With a strict real name policy, Quora is among the very few websites known for direct and long blog like answers. To maintain the quality of answers and questions posted a Quora Moderation team is constantly at work eradicating poor answers and questions. Users can easily report or down vote answers that are not pertaining to the question or are of any kind of irrelevant issues. With over 300 million users worldwide as of Sept 2018, Quora has some of the most prolific personalities as their users. Jimmy Wales, Ryan Hoover, Barack Obama, Justin Trudue, Steve Case, Craig Newmark, James Altucher are among the few world renowned Quora users more specifically called as “Quorans”

One of the leading Cyber investigation team has been recruited to investigate the unethical hacking that occurred along with the internal cyber forensic team. The Quora PR team has assured its users worldwide that the issue will be taken care of as soon as possible.

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