Prachi Desai – Exhibit Tech Diva June 2017

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prachi-desai-exhibit-tech-diva-june17-03Our Tech Diva this month is none other than the fearlessly fashionable Prachi Desai who looked absolutely stunning when we met her recently. She is also gracing our annual Startup issue, this is an excerpt from that. We got Prachi to spill all her philosophies and creative new ideas. And, we were literally surprised to know the business instinct in her. Prachi spoke about what she thinks about startups and how she wishes to make her own app. She slayed and sizzled in front of the camera and killed us with that sass!

Exhibit: Hey Prachi, Welcome back to Exhibit, let’s start with our golden question – How techy are you?
Prachi: I do keep myself posted with the latest technology that keeps coming to the market. It’s like whenever I find something interesting, I get my hands on them.

Exhibit: That’s great, what are your thoughts on India becoming a startup hub?
PrachiIndia as a startup hub is actually good, as long as innovative long term value offerings are offered. Otherwise, it is not a sustainable part of the society.



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