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Kulbhushan Seth,VP of Casio India talks about his personal favourite G-shock watch and more!

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EX : Casio has been a popular name among the watch lovers since forever, G-Shock only adds to the already there charisma. What does the success story of G-Shock sound like?
Mr. Seth: The father of the G-Shock, KikuoIbe designed the first G-Shock watch, DW-5000C in 1983. The watch model became a big hit around the world especially among the youth who appreciated its toughness and rebellious spirit. Following the same success, today, G-Shock represents an energetic and youthful attitude and the core philosophy of product innovation is to offer tough watches that are unique in design as well as fashionable. G-Shock has come a long way and from street fashion to worldwide celebrities, the brand shares a humongous loyal fan following as the most preferred watch brand to flaunt their attitude and style.

EX : Tell us about the G-Shock’s huge fan following worldwide. What exactly do you think accounts for the same?
Mr. Seth: G-Shock’s huge fan following around the world is a big success story itself. What makes it more exciting is that, the brand shares a strong connection with sports persons and many celebrities worldwide. They can be seen flaunting their G-Shock watches at various occasions. The pull factor for this success is that all models are trendy, versatile, sophisticated, and classy and reflect your inner style and character. G-Shock has a wide portfolio of stylish, tough, and elegant watches that are suitable to stay ahead in fashion world and add a magnificent persona to the one who wear them on their wrist.

EX : How is the reception of G-Shock watches in India as compared to the other countries?
Mr. Seth: G-Shock has become an integral part of the India’s youth culture with its innovative designs and product philosophy. The brand has a strong fan following, thanks to the technology and youth-oriented designs of G-Shock watches that fit well with any personality and occasion. The watches are designed to go well with the taste of every age group and the one-thing remains the same in all models is toughness. The brand has created a notion in the market that tough can look good and developed a whole concept of attitude among the Indian consumers. There is no deny that no other watch brands in India come close to G-Shock when it comes to models, technology, fan following, and influence on communities and events.

Prashant Govindan(1211)EX : Who are your target customers? Do you think youngsters are ready to spend so much on a watch especially in a country like India?
Mr. Seth: G-Shock, as a brand, has created a niche image among its target customers that include professionals, geeks, travellers, fashion aficionado, tech lovers, adventurers, students, and celebrities. When it comes to buying a wristwatch, youngsters want nothing but stylish design, toughness, latest tech features and great utilities. G-Shock watches come with a package of all these elements, making the brand the most preferred choice in the market. Indian youth know their style choice, they are upfront, they are stylish, and they believe that quality is the key when it comes to an investment in fashion or style accessory. G-Shock’s value-for-money watches are a lifetime investment and money is not a restrain to wear their attitude and show what they are.

EX : G-Shock has created a niche among different personas with different social and professional background. Do you have a separate style and design for all of them? Or does a single style suit all together?
Mr. Seth: Today, Casio’s G-Shock watches have become a style statement and people from different lifestyles can be spotted in mountains, seas, skies, colleges, corporate offices, and streets wearing their favourite G-Shock watch. By pairing functionality, technology, and durability, the brand has established itself as the creator of today’s youth culture and fashion. Each G-Shock model caters to different styles and tastes preference of the consumers.For adventure, outdoor and travel junkies, G-Shock’s Mudmaster, MT-G, Gravitymaster and Gulfmaster series make a great choice.G-Mix comes handy for music lovers and professionals who are into music.Glide series features a great energy and creates a perfect choice for surfers and water sports enthusiasts.G-Shock’s Special Colour models makes a great style choice for youngsters and fashion conscious people who have casual style and need a watch to match with it.There is a G-Shock watch for everyone and everyone can wear a G-Shock watch anytime.

EX : Which, among the G-Shock collection, is your personal favorite? And why?
Mr. Seth: All G-Shock watches are unique in their own sense. Personally, I prefer GPW 1000 while travelling as it has GPS Hybrid Waveceptor system that helps me in to be coordinated with the time of the country/region I am in. On casual outings, I prefer the GA-1000-4B as its red band complements well with various attire combinations. On formal occasions, I generally prefer MTG-S1000 because of its premium finish and formal look goes well with any style and occasion.

EX : Any future plans to come up with a smartwatch in India?
Mr. Seth: We will wait for the right time to launch a smartwatch in India. We have already introduced this worldwide.

EX : What’s the “techiest” G-Shock model that you would suggest me, a die-hard techie? What are the features?
Mr. Seth: Gulfmaster GWN-1000 is the techiest G-Shock watch featuring triple sensors (altimeter, barometer, thermometer &digital compass) capabilities. The watch has unique and smart features like Storm Alert that senses sudden change in pressure readings and alerts the user if there is a storm coming.  The Smart Access feature is an electronic crown switch and the use of multiple motors combine to enable conflict-free simultaneous operation of multiple functions, and smooth switching between functions. It comes with an Auto Hand Concealment function wherein while taking any reading on digital display, the analogue hands automatically move from in form of the digital screen to enable users to take the reading. The Tough Solar feature allows its battery to get charged from any natural or artificial source of light.

EX : And, what gadgets complete yourtech-collection?
Mr. Seth: Casio Edifice EQB-510DC-1 watch is my daily companion as it comes with multitasking abilities and faster and powerful Bluetooth connection abilities to connect with my smartphone and stay connected to my work. I share a great companionship with my iPad too, for my day-to-day communication and all my official documents.

EX : What are the future marketing plans of the company to take this brand to next level in India?
Mr. Seth: G Shock category has number of series according to specific usage of different customers. Our marketing plan will be focused on building all series keeping in mind the lifestyle and culture of the target customer group and then reach out to each customer’s category and in a strategic manner.

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