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Portronics Launches Smart Pen

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Portronics, an innovative and portable digital product company, has launched the first of its kind smartpen : “Electropen 3”.It uses a normal pen refill and normal paper. You can write or draw on any normal paper and view in real-time as a JPG image on the mobile, tablets and laptops.

Electropen 3 allows the user to not only view the static JPG picture but also to see the video of the entire process of taking notes or drawing a sketch in the video format with voiceover option. The inbuilt microphone allows the user to record high-quality voice while taking the notes. The entire video recording of the note taking and sketch making is stored in the Phone.

Some of its key features are:

  1. Convert your handwritten notes and sketches to live video demonstration with voiceover option.
  2. Share the notes and the videos with anyone through Social Network.
  3. Notes and Sketches can be edited, erased, colored and shared.

Visit for details.

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