Pocophone F1 Cannot Stream Movies In HD For This Reason

Pocophone F1 cannot stream HD videos
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It may seem that the success of the Pocophone F1 is short lived this week. Reported by XDA Developers, it has come to light that the Pocophone F1 is capable of streaming videos on Netflix and Amazon Prime only 560p resolution and nothing higher than 720p HD or 1080p FullHD.

The issue was brought to light by AndroidPure and points out that the Pocophone F1 does not have the requisite DRM security level. In order to stream content at HD quality and above, the device requires Wildevine L1. The device, on the other hand, comes with Wildevine L3 which can be seen in the screenshot captured.

Pocophone F1 does not support HD streaming

Its surprising to see that the Pocophone F1 has the same internals as the OnePlus 6 comes with Wildevine L1 support. The company did face a lot of hate after the OnePlus 5 and 5T did not come with L1 DRM support. They were later fixed after users sent the devices to the service centres for an update.

Pocophone F1 does not stream in HD

Image credits: Android Pure

It is still unclear if Xiaomi will go the same way and ask users to bring the device to their Mi service centres. The company is yet to give a statement on the issue and how they intend to address it.

In light of this development, it remains to be seen how the ongoing sales of the Pocophone F1 will go.

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