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Photographer of the Month – Vikram Bawa

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Exhibit :What was the driving force that led you to be here as the leading fashion photographer of the country? Did it happen by chance or did you always want to be a photographer?
VB : Well I think it was by chance. Both my Dad and Mom were enthusiastic photographers, though more like the family portraitist. It was when my mom turned full time designer that I became fascinated by fabric and garments.By extension I wanted to photograph the garments and from thereon I became a fashion photographer. Wasn’t that simple- but that’s the simplest way I can put it.

DSC09649Exhibit : What is the most challenging aspect to click glamour shots?
VBI feel the most challenging aspect of any good shoot is the concept and the aesthetics you have to bring into the images.

Exhibit : You were the first Indian photographer to promote and showcase 3Ds in the 90s, how was your experience back then? And how things have changed since then in technology front?

VBIt wasn’t easy. I was shooting on film, which is unforgiving. Then I had to convince people for the use of 3D photography. Looking back, I feel I was too early for the market.

Exhibit : Which is your personal favorite genre of photography? And why?
VB :Has to be fashion for me. I love the interaction I have with people. I love the fact that you can use the human body and fabric and create a piece of art.

Exhibit : Which Indian celebrities are your personal favorites when it comes to photoshoot? What sets them apart from others?
VB : I love Mr. Bachchan for his enthusiasm, energy and professionalism – it’s unbelievable. Mr. Akshay Kumar for his dedication to his craft, his sense of timing and professionalism. And Mrs. Shilpa Shetty Kundra for her humility, friendliness and humane approach to everyone she works with.

Exhibit : Formal training or creativity – what’s more important for a successful photography career?
VBBoth simultaneously are required for a photography career to be successful. Without formal training, there can’t be a proper guidance of your creativity. Also, without creativity, there will not be a vision for photography.

Exhibit : For someone who wants to be “the next Vikram Bawa”, your suggestions would be?
VBI would suggest you to be original rather than being “the next Vikram Bawa”. Keep experimenting and keep practising.

Vikram’s preferences :

DSC09655a) Mac or PC –

b) Indoor shoots or Outdoor shoots –

c) Social networking – a must have, waste of time or for networking –VBMust have – especially for networking

d) Favorite book that you read –
VBAsimovs Foundation series

e) Photographer –
VBGuy Bourdin

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