PES 2015 – Rejuvenated Beast

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First Impression

Every year, EA’s FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer battle it out to be recognized as the best soccer game. Both the games have impressive features. This year, FIFA hit the shelves in September, while, Konami waited until November to release PES. When we previewed the demo earlier, PES 2015 was very impressive. With the final game, it looks like the 2 month wait was worth it.


With PES 2015, Konami has gone back to the basics. Something which earned the franchise all the accolades during the glorious PlayStation 2 days. When it comes to sports’ simulation game, gameplay is the most important thing and PES 2015 has got most of the aspects right. The passing is beautiful. There were times when I wasn\’t too keen to score a goal, I just passed the ball around and that was satisfying. I have to mention some of the ˜outside of the foot\’ passes that players make. A few minutes with PES 2015 and you certainly have a lot to smile about.

Shooting in the game also has a lot of variation. Running with the ball and shooting will probably bring more power to the shot than a shot taken while you are stationery. You will easily master shooting after a few exhibition matches.


PES 2015’s AI is smart, thanks to Konami’s proprietary FOX ENGINE. You will see a lot of clever tactics that are deployed on the actual pitch. If your right back is the weak link in the team, you will see a lot of attacks going that side. If one of your players gets booked early, the opposition will try and wind him up to get a sending off. Sounds like real football, doesn’t it?

All football teams play with a certain style and that is evident in PES 2015. Play as Barcelona, and you will see the clever movements and superior technical ability on the ball. Play with Real Madrid, and the swashbuckling attacks are evident. Like real football, PES 2015 does not give you any breathing space. Your concentration is the key during each game. Lack of focus will punish you. Unpredictability is why we love soccer so much, and that is captured well in PES 2015. Similarly, every player’s behavior is unique. Ronaldo’s runs with and without the ball are well defined. Every player in PES 2015 is remodeled on real life playing style.

Another welcome change to the game is the menu. It finally feels that the franchise has taken the right step towards an ultimate next gen experience. The tactical screen has also seen some changes. You can set up well to deal with opposition attack. There is an option to change the formation with and without the possession of the ball. All these changes really make PES 2015 a wannabe football manager’s dream video game.

With PES 2015, you can play leagues, cups, the licensed Europa and Champions League. You will also come across the MyClub mode, which is similar to Ultimate team in FIFA. If you have enough patience, MyClub is the most enjoyable mode. You start building your own squad with a group of nobodies. A lot depends on the manager you get on board and players who will work the best under him.

The disappointment with PES 2015 is the number of stadiums. There are only a few stadiums and that is very disappointing. That is one reason which stops PES 2015 from getting 5 stars.


It is that time of the year when we are discussing which football game is better. While FIFA 15 is good game, PES 2015 has clearly won this battle. This is the best PES game that I have played in years. It takes me back to the good old PlayStation 2 days. There is no doubt the pitch belongs to Konami. If you haven’t picked a soccer game this year, PES 2015 should be first choice.

Platforms & Price : Rs. 999 for PC | Rs. 2499 for PS3 and Xbox One, and Xbox 360.

Publisher : Konami

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