Paytm Update Brings New Features: Add Money & Send Postcards

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Paytm now lets you add money automatically in your wallet and also sending customized postcards to contacts.

Paytm latest update has rolled out with new features and is already available on respective app stores. It has now has added a new feature which allows the user to send money to contacts directly via Contact List on Android. Along with this, there is a new feature called Post Cards on iOS and Android both. These PostCards allow you to send money to your closed ones with options to customize and make it personalized. Not only this, Paytm Automatic has rolled out which automatically makes you top up your Paytm balance in the wallet. This latest app version 5.10.0 update is for Android and version 5.11.3 update is for iOS.


These updates as we already explained come up with a lot of new features. If you want to use the Post Card feature, all you need to do is, open the app and then tap on ‘Postcards’ option which is located at the home screen inside the app. Now, you have to choose the ‘Send a Post Card’ option and choose your desired contact or directly enter the mobile number of the person you want to send it to. After that, you need to fill in the amount that you want to send and if you want to add a personalized text, go for it. The final step is to choose a design for your postcard from the choices given and then it gets ready to be sent. The best thing is that, if the person doesn’t accept the post card within 10 days, you will get the entire amount refunded.

Paytm Automatic

This feature is only available for the Android users currently. This feature allows the user to set a particular amount as their minimum balance in their wallet. Also, it sets the recharge amount whenever the balance goes below the minimum balance. Paytm Automatic makes a top-up in that case and keeps the wallet amount as expected. This amount will be added per day once and in a situation when the wallet balance exceeds the monthly usage limit, the amount will be updated for the next month. Furthermore, the users can now check the order summary screen when they make a recharge or bill payment. They can also buy travel insurance with the flight tickets.

The Senior Vice President of Paytm, Deepak Abbot, replied to a tweet saying that the Paytm Automatic feature will roll out for iOS in the coming three weeks. The company said on the App Store, “Now you can send gifts, wishes and blessings to your friends and family through Paytm Postcards. Why bother about gifts when you can send them Paytm Cash, that too with custom themes and message. On opening a postcard, the sent money will automatically be added to receiver’s Paytm Wallet balance. Start exchanging Paytm Postcards now. Wait for the next update and see how much fun you can have with the Postcards!!”


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