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Pankaj Rana – Optimism Personified

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Meet Mr. Pankaj Rana – the business head, mobility division, Panasonic India, who is responsible for Panasonic’s aim to expect more than double its revenue from mobile phones to Rs. 2,500 crore by the end of this fiscal year. Thanks to his determination and positive attitude, Panasonic mobile division is already contributing heaps towards the company’s progress. Let’s know the man and his dreams more..in a casual rendezvous.

Exhibit : To compete in the market you need to stand out, with reference to that what is your strategy and aim towards the future launches?Pankaj Rana : Our aim is to attend leadership position in the price segment of INR 10000-15000; all our products stand out on design and performance. However, rather than playing price war or specification games; we want to focus on user experience and design.

Exhibit : What are your expectations from India in 2016?Pankaj Rana : We are planning to achieve 5% market share in smartphones and to double our revenue from last year to 2500 crores.

Exhibit : The Indian crowd is a lover of budget phones. How do you plan to touch base and penetrate in the Indian market?Pankaj Rana : Yes, indeed, the Indian crowd actually demands budget phones. To cater to this we have a dedicated range of budget devices under the T-Series range. Our latest launches are T44 and T50 which are priced below INR 5000. We have also developed Sail UI for entry level smartphones, which provides delightful animation and seamless performance.

Exhibit : What is your say on Make in India initiative? Does Panasonic support it and plan to be a part of it in the future?Pankaj Rana : Make in India is a great initiative and yes, Panasonic supports it. We have already started to make the most of this initiative and have setup a factory in Noida. Further, we are planning to setup another factory by mid-year to meet our future expansion plans. Panasonic is a world-wide leader in SMT machines which are used for CKD purpose. So for future, we will also support other Industry players for the same.

Exhibit : How have you helped Panasonic to be the driving force for the brand? Shed some light as we have heard you are always behind the scenes towards its development.Pankaj Rana : Being the Divisional Head of Panasonic, I have been managing the responsibility for VIERA category – that includes a vital role in establishing and expanding Panasonic’s VIERA range of TVs in the Indian market, utilizing comprehensive understanding of brand & product to create right product mix, developing the market penetration strategy and exploring the new business areas.

My job includes retail channel management and market mapping for VIERA range of TV’s thereby increasing the market penetration across Tier 2 and 3 cities in India.Now Panasonic is going to be a 100 year old brand. I have huge respect for brand Panasonic and philosophy of founder Konosuke Matsushita keeps me motivated.Earlier, I was fortunate enough to drive TV business to gain double digit market share from scratch. Now, my team and I have a goal to successfully expand mobile business to India and rest of emerging markets.

Exhibit : From smartphone to tablets and latest trends in gadgets, how are you planning to stay in wave length with technology?Pankaj Rana : I keep myself updated through tech sites and magazines. And all thanks to my team who keep me posted about the latest trends and make sure I don’t miss any. I am a tech enthusiast and hence make a point to attend tech seminars and events.

Exhibit : What is the gadget you can’t stay without and mention the gadgets you love to carry on the go?Pankaj Rana : I cannot stay without my Panasonic smartphone, and my Kindle reader..

Exhibit : If you could go back in time, what smart phone or tablet would you love to own?Pankaj Rana : Well, I would like to go back to the time of qwerty’s Blackberry 8520.

Exhibit : If you weren’t the business head of Panasonic, what would you love to be?Pankaj Rana : I would love to be a professional cricketer.

Exhibit : Your most used app excluding social media.Pankaj Rana : I am an avid movie watcher, IMDB app is my go to app for exploring new movies.

Exhibit : The book you are currently reading.Pankaj Rana : I am reading Execution by Ram Charan these days.

Exhibit : Your next tech buy (VR glasses or a smart watch)Pankaj Rana : A smartwatch!

Exhibit : The car that drives youPankaj Rana : Porsche Cayenne. A sporty version will be better an option!

“ No matter how deep a study you make. What you really have to rely on is your own intuition and when it comes down to it, you really don’t know what’s going to happenuntil you do it – Konusuke Matsushita.

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