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Own a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 like a boss!

samsung galaxy note 8
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We can feel you if you’ve just bought and unboxed your Samsung Galaxy Note 8! Whenever we get a new phone, we try to play around with every new feature as quickly as possible. However, you may be unaware of a few tips and tricks that are available on your brand new smartphone. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is undoubtedly a feature packed phone with the S Pen stylus and some of the high end software available on the planet. Here we are going to talk you through a few tricks you need to know to be able to use your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 like a Boss!

Bixby and Bixby Vision

Now that you have one of the recent Samsung smartphones, you can use Bixby. What Siri is to Apple and Google Assistant to most of the Androids, is what Bixby to Samsung – it’s own voice assistant technology. It’s totally worth giving Bixby a try as it can lift up your mood by controlling your music, managing your daily routine, and much more. In addition, there’s something called Bixby Vision, that lets you take pictures of what you can see and Bixby identifies it if it’s a landmark, translate it if it’s a text or even track it if it knows it’s a product. However, it may not always work but can be really useful when you are fulfilling your wanderlust and you look at a tourist attraction wondering to know more about it. Bixby Vision can give you that extra piece of information when needed.

We might as well tell you that Samsung understands that not everyone is interested in using that button, so now you can turn off the Bixby button if you find it irritating.

Take Notes when the Screen is Off

As an editor, the biggest benefits of the Note 8 is making us able to take notes with its S Pen Stylus. But, the problem arises when we are in a hurry and have to unlock the phone and go to a specific note taking app.

Fortunately, Samsung has fixed this as well, as this new phablet supports screen off note-taking. This makes you able to scribble down on the phone’s display without even turning it on properly. I find it super smart because it works really well. Just take out your S Pen while the screen is off and start scribbling without even opening any app.

The screen is limited to Full HD by default

Samsung has limited it to Full HD resolution by default despite it packing a QHD + panel. You may not be aware of this, but how you can make the most of your screen especially if you are using it for virtual reality. To do this, go to settings, click on display and you can choose QHD under screen resolution. However, you must know that your battery will drain faster if you are using your phone in Full HD.

S Pen Stylus is also waterproof

You very well know that Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is a waterproof phablet. But I’m sure you don’t know that the S Pen Stylus can be used even when it’s covered in water. This means you can now take notes when it’s dripping wet.

Let’s use Samsung Dex

Samsung Dex is a dock which can be used for connecting the phone to a monitor with a mouse and keyboard and can be used as a productivity device. It works really well and you can even have the docking station on the desk along with a mouse, keyboard and monitor on a permanent basis. It might not be very useful for everyone but in a way one can make Galaxy Note 8’s screen even bigger.

Better translation tools

In Note 8, if you see any text in a foreign language, you can take help from the S Pen by highlighting it and it will show you its best translation in your selected language.

Use two apps simultaneously

This phone is best for multi-tasking, especially as you can use Android’s split screen view. All you need to do is go to the ‘Recents’ button on the soft keys located at the bottom of the screen. Now tap on the multitasking tab on the apps which is already open. It will help open them in a compressed half screen view. Further, you can drag the line between them for resizing the apps.

Re-order the toggles in the notification shade

Now you can pick your own order so you can put the features that are most used by you into the first screen of the shade. For doing this, pull down your finger from the top of the screen for opening the notification shade. Then, press on the cog which is located in the top right and click on ‘button order’. This will then allow you for switching up the order.

Do the ‘hearing test’

Go to the Sound and Vibration menu in the Settings where you will get an option known as ‘Adapt Sound’. With the help of this, you can take a hearing test which has been designed by Samsung for personalising the audio you hear on your phone. What it does is that it will provide you with a series of beeps in the initial part of the test. After that, it will ask about your ear preference. Trust me, you will find the audio much better when you turn on the ‘Adapt Sound’ feature.

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