Oral-B PRO 2000 Toothbrush Review

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Oral-B is to toothbrushes what Coke is to cold drinks or Surf is to Washing Detergents. Introduced almost 68 years ago, the brand has disrupted the toothbrush market and can easily be termed as a synonym to ‘toothbrush’.
Last week, Oral-B sent us the PRO 2000 for a review and since we are thetechy and will test anything related to technology, here are my initial impressions!

How does it feel out of the box?

First thing that struck me as soon as I unboxed the PRO 2000 was that the toothbrush is quite light and I was expecting it to be heavy and bulky since it has a battery and a motor. The body is made out of plastic and rubber which means that you have good grip even when your hands are slightly damp or wet.

The box has some details written about the product in German which unfortunately I couldn’t comprehend but they are followed by English translations which was of great help. (see the picture below).


The top of the box says that this brush can remove plaque up to 100 times more than a normal toothbrush which sounds pretty interesting. However, unlike most of our reviews, we couldn’t put this claim to a test ! Open the box and you’ll see the head and the main body packed differently. The bristles on the head can oscillate, pulsate and rotate according to the requirement and the PRO 200 has 2 different modes as well- Normal and Gum-care cleaning.

The normal mode basically moves all the bristles simultaneously whereas the gum-cleaning mode is more of a stop-and-go kind of a movement. You get an alert after 2-minutes of brushing suggesting that you have reached the recommended brushing time.


I haven61pOuN-rYuL._SL1500_‘t been able to put the battery life to a test as of now and I have been charging the brush for only 5-10 minutes every morning which gives me a decent 2 minutes of brushing time. However, I am sure that if you charge the brush up completely, you’ll be good enough for at least a week. Stay tuned to the techy for more updates on the battery life as I am assuming that this product will stay with me and not go inside any other journalist’s mouth…



What’s the Initial Verdict?

Well, at Rs. 5800, I would have expected a bit more for my money, probably something like Bluetoo81LmFHlKC4L._SL1500_th integration which can be seen on the more expensive Oral-B toothbrush range like the Oral-B Genius Pro 8000. But having said that, the bristles feel nice and soft and the brush really feels comfortable while you are holding it. The actual plaque count would be something that only my dentist would be able to tell me and stay tuned to for an update on the Oral-B PRO 2000 after my Dentist’s appointment!




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