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OnePlus 5G smartphone to be a part of a new lineup

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After the launch of the new OnePlus 6T, the smartphone manufacturer has already made concrete plans for the new addition to the OnePlus family. According to OnePlus, a 5G enabled new device will be launched next year. But the company has not revealed any information besides the timeline and the 5G compatibility of the upcoming smartphone.

OnePlus CEO, Pete Lau had previously announced the plans for the 5G smartphone in the summer. But his co-founder Carl Pei stated that the company is on schedule for an early 2019 launch at the Hong Kong 4G/5G summit. Most of the tech industry watchers assumed this to be the successor of the newly launched OnePlus 6T.

oneplus 5g phone

Apparently, that is not the case anymore. In a recent statement by a OnePlus spokesperson, the company plans to introduce a new lineup of devices, which will also include the company’s first 5G smartphone. Moreover, the OnePlus 6T successor won’t feature 5G compatibility.
Though according to the speculations, the new 5G smartphone could be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress in February next year in Barcelona, Spain.

There is a strong possibility that the new lineup could be expensive compared to the current lineup. While the company does not want to compromise on its current “flagship killer’ tag with its “affordable flagship” mantra, Oneplus can easily introduce a new lineup with a hefty price tag. The company should surely introduce new features including wireless charging as well as other premium features. Even the design language is expected to be changed in the new smartphone.

Another reason why the company is not introducing the 5G feature in the 6T successor is the adaptation of the  5G technology. Considering the success of the previous and current lineup of smartphones from OnePlus, the company does not want to play a risky bet which could limit the sales and the also repulse the fan base if the 5G technology is not implemented properly.

With the increasing competition, this move by OnePlus could be a double-edged sword. Will the company be able to successfully pull off the new lineup or will it fail?

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