OnePlus 3 Gets Oreo in Closed Beta; Public Beta May Open This Month

OnePlus 3
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It appears like OnePlus is the first smartphone trying to get out of the gate with a new Oreo update in its OnePlus 3 model.

According to the reports based on an anonymous tip from a supposed beta-tester, the Shenzhen-based company is now working on testing Android 8.0 Oreo on the OnePlus 3. This test is a part of a private, closed beta program. And this is opposed to the open beta program, which the company offers to everyone who might be interested.

The users may feel that they are expecting this news too soon after the official release of Android 8. The initial beta build is said to be unstable and unfinished. The communication load is all buggy, with “nonfunctional NFC, buggy Wi-Fi, unstable hotspot, and a wonky Bluetooth connector.”

The company has revealed to the testers that it strives to have a stable beta by mid-September, which is just in one week! And this is followed by the opening of the public beta by the end of the month. This has turned out to be an extremely ambitious timeline. Of course, there won’t be any surprises if the company failed to abide by it. Still, if the tip turns out to be correct, OnePlus deserves kudos for working hard to get Oreo out in record time.

OnePlus 3 Updates

For reference, the first Nougat open beta for the OnePlus 3 was released on November 30, 2016. And according to the Nougat update tracker, the steady update started to roll out on the last day of the year.

It’s interesting to know that OnePlus seems like it is working on the OnePlus 3’s Oreo update. But it is not working on the souped-up 3T or the new OnePlus 5. It’s possible that development in this regard is underway for all the three devices. But only the OnePlus 3 has leaked out so far.

In the past times, the company received heavy flak over the way it handled Android updates. This was mainly for ditching Nougat for the OnePlus 2 (and continuously refusing to admit it for months), along with the belated release of Marshmallow for the OnePlus X. It may turn out that OnePlus is trying to clean up its image now.

OnePlus had said earlier that Oreo would be the last major update for the OnePlus 3/3T.

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