Now an app can help you conserve water!

scr1An NRI techie, Sanjay Bhatia launched WaterSoldier, an unique App that can help reduce water wastage in leaking pipelines, valves, tanks and canals last week.Whenever citizen see any leakage in water systems, they can report it online and share this information with concerned authorities thus seeking action.The design of the app is very simple. a user seeing a leaking pipeline/valve/tank/canal/dam wasting water around him/her can raise a request to report leak within about 30-40 seconds. The user answers to some very simple questions like the type of wastage, severity of wastage, duration of wastage and address etc. The App features help the user answer easily to the best of their information. User can upload upto 4 live photos of the leakage and surrounding areas thus giving vital clues to identify and fix the leakages. User can also specify his/her location and approximate distance from the leak and provide details while submitting a request. A ticket number gets generated on submitting followed up by an email with all ticket details.scr2The data is tracked in a web server which is monitored 24X7 by database management Company appointed by The Humanity Foundation. The DB team checks reports, finds out the responsible authorities who have jurisdiction over those leaks and share a dashboard, actionable report to the authorities within 24-48 hours.The authorities can fix the leakages based on the reports and thus precious water can be saved.The App is currently being launched in the city of Mumbai/its suburbs and shall be expanded later to other parts of the country at an appropriate time. The App is currently available in 3 languages – English, Hindi and Marathi.The App is free of cost, unique and very simple to use and can track the phone location up to 3 feet distance.App is available on google play store.Link:



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