Newfangled Blackberry-Blackberry Priv marks a new outlook

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Price: Rs.54,000/-Specs:

  • 18MP Rear (4K) and 2MP Front Camera
  • 5.43 Inches AMOLED 2K Display
  • Android 5.1.1 with Blackberry services
  • 3410 mAh Battery
  • Sliding physical Keyboard with touch gestures

How does it feel out of the box?Blackberry manages to maintain its recognized appeal with the all black packaging and “straight to business” zeal when you unbox it. The Priv feels refreshed for sure and the entire appeal is curved towards the classy-metal-clad-hefty device that it is. A curved glass, slide-out keyboard mechanism and the carbon fibre textured back will have you admiring Blackberry’s newer approach of being both classy and stylish while commutating business at its core with Android versatility.DSC07284-980x653What am I getting for the price?Blackberry has catered this phone towards people who admire class and demand flagship resemblance. The phone feels large (Thanks to the 192gms overall weight), has a curvy glass which almost seems like a gimmicky curved display and is a good mix of quality plastic with metal and a smooth satisfying mechanism when the large display slides up to showcase a touch sensitive QWERTY keyboard. The silver camera circumference adds to the design language and with great button feedback, it oozes quality.How does it perform?Powered by a Snapdragon 808 SOC coupled with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM and up to 2TB Expandable storage, this blackberry meets the current high performance standards. Connectivity game is kept at par with LTE support on Indian frequencies, NFC, GPS, and dual-band Wi-Fi ac. The display measures 5.43inches with QHD (2K) AMOLED Display making it perfect for almost all the activities. The Priv runs on Android Lollipop 5.1.1 and will be getting a Marshmallow update soon, but with the added Blackberry services and apps, the phone’s software is buggy as ‘buggy’ the word itself. What seems like a great hardware on paper, lacks the optimisation required. My unit received four updates in the time I used it and each time it improved by a few percentage. All said, I hope the updates continue and blackberry comes out with a well optimized Marshmallow OS. BlackBerry-Priv-backWhat’s so special?The keyboard has to make it first on the list as it springs innovation with touch gestures and physical keyboard mix. And then it stops there – I personally would prefer faster typing on a touch screen! The camera too takes a good jump with 18MP rear that is capable of shooting 4K. While the unit is capable of some breath taking shots during day, it lacks finesse in low light. That said, Priv brings the security of Blackberry with Android versatility. DTEK app keeps a tab of your security and protects your data against malware while the transparent tab on right allows you to slide your fingers over the curved glass almost fooling users to use it for quick access to contacts and blackberry tasks. The 3410mAh battery unit lasts a day with ease and will have you up and running at blazing fast speeds thanks to quick charge 2.0 support.What’s your final take?This year has rather been an interesting one for smartphones. We have seen glimpse of future to come with surreal camera tech and some features we aren’t ready for. Same goes for Blackberry, as the Priv is a great stepping stone for better devices from Blackberry, running android. Should you pay a premium for a stepping stone? That’s a choice I leave to you. It has the hardware and quality to sit at the top tier but when it comes to finesse, it does require some serious optimisation.


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