New iPhone models leaked

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Just like Samsung, Apple has been subjected to leaks on social media. The popular tech insider Ben Geskin tweeted the photos of the dummy models of the upcoming models. Every year before an iPhone is launched the manufacturers create an iPhone lookalike. These lookalikes are based on the leaked design schematics and the iPhones which are to be launched are usually the same. The case and accessories manufacturers buy these models in order to be prepared with accessories and cases when the iPhone is officially launched.

Geskin uploaded two photos which have two different models, this includes a bigger iPhone X and another iPhone models which appears like iPhone X but has only a single lens. The bigger iPhone X is the 6.5-inch second gen iPhone X plus. Just like its predecessor it has a notch, dual camera lens on the back.
The mystery about the third model which is the 6.1-inch iPhone remains still unsolved. This could be an attempt at providing an iPhone with a notch at the pricing at $700. This new iPhone could have a bigger bezel when compared to both the models of iPhone X, moreover, it can also have the LCD display instead of the OLED. Which also makes sense as OLED display is expensive than the LCD display. In an attempt to provide the cheaper variant the smartphone manufacturer has provided a single camera lens accompanied with an aluminium border instead of stainless steel which is the trademark of iPhones.
The second gen iPhone X will be reportedly available in black, white and gold whereas the cheaper variant will be available in multiple colours including grey, white, blue, red and orange. The new iPhones will be announced in the month of September.


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