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The Nasty People of the web

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Believe it or not, the internet is full of negative influences. These nasty people try to make you feel low in every possible way. They will try to con and embarrass you, spoil your machine with software virus, cause you emotional grief and also sometimes threaten or personally attack you. Always remember, people are losing moral ethics and not everyone is nice on the web, so just stay safe.

Internet Trolls

Internet Trolls are undoubtedly the worst form of bad people on the internet. These people love to make people feel pathetic about them and take pleasure in creating conflict and rage. On almost every social media portal, you’ll find internet trolls.

Racist Haters

Trolls and Haters come in the same category but are more extreme in expressing their personal opinion and emotions. Racist haters can be distinguished by their broadcast of hate and intolerance which they purposely do to attack people’s belief and ideas. These haters can further be categorized into two. Some of them just do it for the fun of trolling while others are dedicated outraging people full of anti-social beliefs, racism, and bigotry.


People are already sick of physical stalkers lately, but more troublesome people are now the Cyberstalkers. Now, it is more common than physical harassment. In my opinion, these people have some issues and the same disturbed individuals don’t miss a chance to express their obsessions. They use email, facebook comments, Instagram comments, twitter, and even GPS tracking. It’s high time that they are acknowledged.


There are people on the web who work as antisocial programmers. Their main task is placing invisible buttons on the web pages. These people are known as Clickjackers. We being the victim, click on these buttons and activate their commands unknowingly. Before you even realize, your Facebook privacy settings changes and your account follows some stranger’s twitter feed. Not only this, the webcams secretly gets enabled. These clickjackers play really dirty and this nasty scam is spreading like wildfire.


The Phishermen are basically the modern online con artists. Named combining the words “phony” and “fishing”, they lure users and make them prey with fraudulent emails. These emails are also known as spoofs.


Hoaxers are similar to spammers but are more exaggerated. Do you get unexpected fake news on your email? If yes, please don’t fall for these hoaxes. I would suggest you to never forward these hot news to your friends, you’ll be shaming yourself. Hoaxers come in the form of hoax photos, email chain letters and exaggerated fake stories in the mailbox.


Do you get emails announcing that you’ve won 50 million dollars? Do you get exciting offer emails from different companies? If you come in this category and have been spammed by emails in a similar way, then you have been attacked by Ratware. Ratware is actually customized software which is used by spammers to send a large number of illegal messages and emails. Don’t forget to unsubscribe from these spam emails.


Cyberbullying or in other words digital harassment is not less than physical bullying. In simple terms, it’s like dominating other users by harassing them online. This is almost like going through public humiliation. It’s no more like a trivial teenage trend. This trend is actually causing deep trauma in people and has even led to suicides.

Zombie Masters

This is by far the dirtiest violation of privacy. Being zombied means, someone will install remote control programs onto your PC and then take over to use for bidding. When your machine becomes a zombie computer, it will perform hackers attack other websites as well.


Hackers come in varied versions. But, here we are trying to know what a modern-day computer hacker is? Well, there are basically four types of hackers in the world and not all of them are evil. If you also tinker with your PC, then you might be considered as a lowkey hacker yourself.


I don’t know why this is even a trend. Sexting is not bad if you’re a couple. But, stay clear of this game if you’re doing it with any random guy. It might get you into a world of humiliation. It can either embarrass you or defame you. Trust me, the viral risk included is hampering the youth by putting them down in the eyes of thousands of people. Don’t be a sexter and never play this game even if you are lured to the core.

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