Nargis Fakhri – The Unchained Melody

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Nargis Fakhri is entrancing and desirable and that’s common knowledge. But what we didn’t know is just how techy she is; someone who moves about with an entourage of gadgets under her belt and claims to be in a relationship with her cellphone. The half Czech half Pakistani actress entered the mysterious land of Bollywood with the hope of experiencing her parental cultures up and close and ended up becoming one of the most desired actresses. But that’s not all, folks! Her energy is infectious, passion for life inspiring and sass extremely adorable, and that’s the person we came to learn about as we caught her on and off guard at the cover shoot.

In the middle of smashing it in Bollywood with her sex appeal, being en route Hollywood Stardom, and brief escapades to the USA while wanderlusting through exotic locations on her way, Nargis now manages to maintain a work-life balance that she accepts wasn’t easy to strike initially. That’s what a tired yet bubbly Nargis talked about with us; life and its different facets, and more.

Exhibit: Catch us to speed and tell us about what you’re up to currently? How’s life?
Nargis Fakhri: I’m currently in Mumbai prepping for my new projects. Both are very interesting projects and poles apart. One is a film whose genre I have never explored but have been wanting to for a long time. I’ve been living in between Mumbai and Los Angeles these days. Trying to find that work-life balance.

Exhibit: Let’s start from the beginning and go back to your modelling days. What’s the most memorable experience that comes to your mind?
I remember I had always wanted to walk for Bryant Park Fashion Week as a kid. I used to go to the park during the fashion week (NYC) when the tents were up and watch models come in and out. And I’ll never forget the year I did end up walking at Bryant park Fashion Week for a designer and my photo ended up in the newspaper. That, to me, was super memorable. Of course, there are so many more amazing memories from modeling, whether it be the jobs you get or the places you live in and people you meet.


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