Murdered Soul Suspect: Uniquely Good

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First Impression

Murder mysteries are appealing. However, Murdered Soul Suspect gives you a chance to investigate your own murder. The game developers, Airtight Games have come up with a unique concept and it is undoubtedly the strongest feature of Murdered Soul Suspect. Technically the game is not as strong as the storyline and that does affect your overall experience.


The game begins with the main protagonist Ronan O\’Connor being brutally launched out of a fourth story window, then shot to death with his own gun. His spirit is then left behind and he goes on the hunt to find Salem, Massachusetts\’ notorious Bell Killer, his murderer. He has to track clues to get closer to solving his murder. Some clues are not highlighted in a particular area and that can be frustrating. Of all the clues available, only a few will be
useful. Once you accumulate all the clues, you can move onto the next scene. Collecting clues isn\’t a difficult task. As a spirit, Ronan has plenty of tricks up his sleeve. He can easily possess people, influence them, and read their minds. Ronan can also walk straight through doors and walls and people.There are some things he can\’t walk through. All of the buildings in Salem are consecrated, because of all the witches. Hence, the exterior walls, floors and front steps, cannot be passed through by ghosts. You also can\’t pass through front doors unless they have been opened. Believe it or not, the game does not have a map for assistance. Chances are that you will wander through rooms without any purpose.

The city of Salem is brilliantly depicted. It looks like a proper ghost town. The streets and the buildings have come straight out of a horror movie. Ghosts are everywhere, flickering in and out of your vision. For the most part Salem\’s ghosts are just static images of dead people. There are some ghosts who want to strike a conversation with you. Some will seek your help. That is where the side missions come into the picture. You have to investigate their deaths as well. The side missions are interesting enough to spend time on.

Apart from his inner demons, Ronan also has to fight the demons in Salem. They are eager to swallow Ronan\’s soul. To exorcise them, you have to sneak up undetected. You can see them through walls and that allows you to keep a close eye on them. You can also take cover in the imprints of other souls. Exorcising demons is the only combat you will come across. Demons can be finished off with a combination that appears on your screen.

The game offers a lot of collectibles and that keeps you occupied. Every building you enter has a ghost story that you unlock by collecting a dozen or so artifacts around the level.You also have to read information about various side characters, town history, world history, and Ronan\’s own memories.


If you want a break away from the expansive openworld games, then Murdered Soul Suspect is a welcome change. The game dishes out a unique storyline with well-defined characters. It also keeps you on track with its linear gameplay. This is an impressive debut by a new IP and we would definitely like to see more from the developer.

Rating – 3/5

Platforms & Pricing : PC – ₹ 999 | PS4 – ₹ 2999 | PS3 & Xbox 360 – ₹ 2499

Developer – Airtight Games

Publisher – Square Enix

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