MSI GS63VR 7RF Stealth Pro Review

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This is the MSI GS 63VR 7RF Stealth PRO. It comes with the latest 7th Generation i7 processor and MSI claims that it offers desktop-like gaming performance. So is it the portable gaming machine that every gamer has been waiting for?  Let’s Find out!

The first thing that impressed us is the fact the laptop weighs only 1.8 kgs! It is incredible for a machine that packs an i7 processor, 16GB of ram, a GTX 1060 graphic card and has 3 cooling fans!

game exhibit

Being a gaming laptop, the GS 63VR 7RF Stealth Pro comes with a lot of connectivity options i.e  3 X USB 3.0, 1X 2.0 USB, Thunderbolt port, HDMI and a mini display port.

Since it comes with the latest i7-7700HQ with the very latest Kaby Lake CPU, 16 gigs of DDR4 RAM, while playing graphic heavy games like Project Cars, Dota 2 and Counter-Strike – the laptop has performed perfectly without breaking a sweat. The only downer is the fact that the fans get a bit audible when you are going full monty with performance.


Cooler Boost Trinity 

Heating is another common issue with a lot of gaming machines and especially laptops. Now to take care of that, MSI has come up with Cooler Boost Trinity technology which basically consists of three fans with 41 blades, providing 30 percent more airflow without increasing the RPM. Along with this, it even comes with an independent thermal solution for both CPU and GPU with 5 heat pipes in total. Still, under hard gaming with sport mode turned on, the laptop did heat up a little.

Dragon Centre 

dragon centre

Like all MSI laptops the GS63VR comes with their Dragon Center software, your one stop shop for monitoring, adjustments and even tweaking if you have a mind to do so. It’s clear, well laid out and responsive.


So coming back to our main question, is it the portable gaming device that every gamer has been waiting for? Well, after testing the laptop under some intense usage, we can safely say that the GS63 VR 7RF Stealth Pro is BIG on performance and is LIGHT in weight !

msi gs63 dp

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1 Comment

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