MSI GE62 2QF Apache Pro: A Magnificent Beast!

MSI GE62 2QF Laptop
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  • Intel Core i7-4710HQ
  • 1 TB HDD Memory
  • 15- inch 4K Display
  • Nvidia GTX970 GPU

First Impression:Are you in for what we call – the ˜next generation\’ gaming experience? Well…MSI GE62 Apache Pro brings in just what you desire and need – powerful hardware internals, gorgeous 4K resolution display and a graphic performance like none other. Beauty with Brains as a phrase has never felt more relevant in context to a gadget than this magnificent beast. Build and Design:The “MSI GE62 Apache Pro” might be marketed as a mid-ranger, but there is more to it than meets the eye – its metal finishing on its magnesium alloy chassis and an elegant curved line protruding on the sides highly showcases its premium design form factor. Furthermore, MSI quite generously fits in one HDMI 1.4, three USB 3.0 ports, one USB 2.0 port, one Killer Gigabit Ethernet, one mini DisplayPort 1.2, and two gold-plated microphone port. In addition to that, you will also be receiving an optical drive to sooth more hunger than you have. It bolsters a 15-inch screen with a display resolution of 4K. It also uses a matte non-touchable display necessary on all gaming laptops, and comprises a True Color Technology software that produces vivid, vibrant and accurate colors. Now, coming on to my favorite feature – its SteelSeries engine keyboard\’s neon LED back light and clicker buttons provide for a great typing experience!Performance:Performing video edits on ˜Adobe Premier Pro\’ and running ˜The Witcher 3\’ on the system that packs an advanced Intel Core i7 processor, lavish 16 GB DDR3 SD RAM and an extremely powerful GeForce GTX 970M GPU – will not just tickle your fancies, but thrive in you an more adrenaline rush, completely captivating and gripping you into playing some more hours of smooth and lag free but hard bound and intense power-packed action. Wait…we are not done yet – its Dynaudio powered speakers and subwoofer, further enhanced by Nahimic audio engine combined with the above mentioned system configuration together will offer you – an immersive audio-visual gaming experience. And, where to even begin with its NVIDIA graphics built. Hats off to it for implementing GameWorks technology on the Maxwell chipset that make graphics more lively and realistic – rendering human and animal hairs in strands rather than just a single texture. Courtesy of NVIDIA\’s ShadowWorks: its shadows effects are rendered with great level of detailing. Heating up of the system due to long hours of relentless and vigorous gaming is quite perfectly balanced with its built-in exhaust fan, which can be operated by the single touch of button.Verdict:MSI GE62-2QF Apache Pro is a gaming laptop made for hardcore game-cravers who are tight with the finances. This is by far the most quintessential of all the gaming laptops, if you are looking forward to an incredibly immersive audio-visual gaming experience and a power packed performance with high-end softwares for a price that perfectly fits your budget.

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